Beware, Zombie Mode on Call of Duty: Mobile is here! And Garena just made sure to extend the Halloween season a bit more as this loved version is  out on Mobile too – Find out more here:

Call of Duty players can now enjoy the game’s Zombie Mode on mobile for an out-of-this-world scary experience. On Monday, the official account of COD has made it official by posting on Twitter this quick sneak peek.

But before unlocking this, players have to reach level 5, according to the official game publisher of COD in Southeast Asia, Garena. Zombie Mode will take on three different modes: Normal, Hardcore, and Survival.

In Normal Raid, players will have to face zombies and defeat the BOSS. But if challengers are looking for more difficulty, they can opt for Hardcore Raid. Lastly, in Survival, the skills of players will be tested as they try their best to hold out against an endless horde of zombies!

Clan Invasion – Influencers Showdown

In addition to this new mode, Garena has its Filipino fans for a treat. On December 28, 2019, will be the first-ever Call of Duty: Mobile Clan Invasion – Influencers Showdown featuring our favorite personalities.

Slated up for Team A or Team Game of Throws will be team captain, Roadfill of the Moymoy Palaboy musical duo, alongside Ashley Gosiengfiao, Frhea Jaimil, JustinWeaver, and Kazuhiro “Senpai Kazu” Parungao.

While Team B or Team Better Run consists of team captain, battle rap MC, Sinio, with Ella Cruz, Izzy Canillo, Julius “Banoobs” Mariano, and Yves “Chambalero” Morales.

So what are you waiting for?! Save the date now and wait till we release further announcements. Expect to see a great gameplays, laughs, and a LOT of trash talks.

What do you think of Call of Duty Zombie Mode?! Will you be trying it out anytime soon? And are you excited for the upcoming CODM Celebrity Showmatch?

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