Off to a great start, Bren Esports Victress finds their way to the top and qualifies for FSL Elite Mobile Legends main event!

Kickstarting their professional gaming career, Bren Victress debuts with a solid win during the FSL Elite Mobile Legends qualifiers. They faced off top all-female Mobile Legends teams participating for the tournament. And even facing the top contender, ArkAngel, Bren Victress demonstrated their skills.

After the success of Bren Esports’ men’s team in Mobile Legends Professional League, it’s the girls’ time to shine. Composed of Michelle, Lou, Madiee, Aizu, Persian and Ivvi, they’ve shown that they can dominate the game too.

Bren Victress vs. ArkAngel.Fe

Facing ArkAngel deemed to be tough, indeed. No doubt, ArkAngel is a team not to be trifled with. Even for a local team, they’ve been coined as a rising star in the esports community. But it didn’t faze the rookies, Bren Victress. Despite being a rookie, they manage to snag Game 1 from ArkAngel. Their aggressiveness in the early game leads them to gain an advantage over ArkAngel. And it did pay off.

However, ArkAngel bounced back right after on Game 2. Bren Victress tried to scare them off with their signature combos from Kaja and Granger. They do have a tanky lineup against ArkAngel’s DPS burst-type lineup. They tried to keep it aggressive as possible. However, their aggressiveness became their downfall. Thus, Arkangel taking the series to a 1 –  1 tie.

But for Game 3 and 4, Bren Victress made 2 consecutive wins securing their victory. Even with their odd pickings against ArkAngel’s comfort heroes, they had them on the leash. Their crazy combos and clutch plays took ArkAngel by surprise. And in under 12 minutes of the deciding game, Bren Victress secured their ticket to Singapore for FSL Elite Mobile Legends.

They’ll be representing the Philippines for the main event, competing with the top teams from Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. On June 8 – 9 at the Singtel Recreation Club at Singapore, they’ll be facing those teams for a chance to win the title of SEA’s best female MLBB esports team.

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