Three-two-two! Boom ID calls GG in a winning game against Team Team. And that’s the biggest throw in Dota 2 yet!

If you think 322 is the biggest throw in Dota 2, then think again.

During The Bucharest Minor Playoffs, SEA team Boom ID calls GG over a game that they should have won against NA team, Team Team. And that crucial game knocked them out in the tournament early.

Shockingly, the tides have turned against Boom ID during the Bucharest Minor. They were one of the favorites to win the said tournament, among the 8 participating teams. But in their playoffs match against Team Team, things didn’t go well as planned.

Boom ID Calls GG

Boom ID faced Team Team in the Lower Bracket best-of-three elimination round at the Bucharest Minor. The “throw” happened during the last moments of the first game. Apparently, both teams were focused on a team fight during the 49-minute mark of the game. It was the deciding clash of the match, which Team Team won after killing all Boom ID’s heroes. Then Team Team’s creeps came after  Boom ID’s base, trying to take down the Ancient.

While this was happening, Boom ID didn’t notice that their own creeps are already taking down Team Team’s Throne. Team Team didn’t seem to notice it as well since no hero came back to protect it. It was the ultimate base race but if you look at it clearly, it was clearly Boom ID’s win. But all of a sudden, Boom ID entered “GG” in the all-chat, which signifies surrender in Dota 2.

Analysts, casters, fans and even players are calling Boom ID’s careless mistake, the biggest throw in Dota 2 yet.

Though Boom ID was able to win Game 2 right after, they would have won the series if they didn’t call GG in Game 1. However, they were forced to play a do-or-die Game 3 that Team Team won. This resulted for them to lose the series and got them eliminated early in the tournament.

Boom ID placed 7th in the tournament, taking home $7,500 and 20 DPC points. But you can say that the Indonesian team exited the tournament with heavy hearts full of regrets. Damn, that hurts.

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