We all know the open-world action MMORPG  Black Desert famously known for PC and console. But recently, it has ventured to mobile and since then, the game has been well-received and has so much to offer.

With that success, Pearl Abyss continues to tweak the game giving fans things to look out for. On January 23, Pearl Abyss announced the massive  conquest mode Siege War and a new limited-time event called Asula’s Den in Black Desert Mobile.

According to Pearl Abyss, Siege War is a “large-scale battle mode that sees guilds going against each other for dominance” throughout the world of Black Desert Mobile.

This mode is similar to Node War, wherein guilds that wish to participate must be level 5 or higher and have a minimum of 10 guild members. The stakes are high as the winning team will gain control of the entire region and receive large amounts of silver as their victory reward.

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Meanwhile, Asula’s Den is a side-scrolling platform action wherein adventurers can experience combat in an action-packed side-scroll view using the manual control mode. But you if you wish to enter the mode, you must have at least a Black Spirit level of at least 30. And if you happen to win the mode, a golden box full of precious items will be rewarded!

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Black Desert

Sorceress Class

And these are not the only things to be excited about because a new class has also been launched today called Sorceress! It’s a mixed breed between a mage and a warrior. So this means they are heroes wielding arcane powers. While some may compare her to the Witch, they are different in the sense that Sorceress destroys her enemies foes wielding magic face-to-face or close combat.

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Find more information about Black Desert Mobile on the official website at http://www.world.blackdesertm.com.

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