Smaller, cheaper, colorful. Nintendo reveals the Switch Lite, a portable and compact Switch version minus some features of the OG console.

Without no further notice, Nintendo announced a new version of their Nintendo Switch. For a cheaper price, the Nintendo Switch Lite offers a dedicated compact handheld gameplay of your favorite Nintendo console. However, it doesn’t have the full feature set of the original device. But hey, win-win, right?

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be the first revision for Switch. Switch originally came out in March 2017 and became a staple for gamers of all ages. Surprisingly, Nintendo did not reveal the Switch Lite at E3 among Nintendo Switch announcements at all. Instead, they held back up until this July.

Nintendo Switch Lite

What makes Switch Lite different from its OG predecessor? Portability. Nintendo Switch Lite’s redesign focuses on its portability. As its name suggest, it’s the lite version of their very own Switch. No shocker here, it weighs only 0.61 pounds, lighter than the original Switch. It does now have the detachable Joy-Cons. But instead, it has buil-in controls on the device, including a proper D-pad on the left side. Thus, there won’t be an “HD Rumble” feature for the controllers.

Aside from that, it doesn’t support the Nintendo Switch dock. It can’t be hooked up to the television. And since it’s made portable, the touchscreen is a tad smaller too – 5.5 inches instead of 6.2 inches. But it still has the same 720p resolution.

It no longer has the automatic brigthness sensor. Users will have to control the brightness of their screens manually. But on a bright side, Nintendo improves the battery life of Switch Life. It now has a 3 – 7 battery life, depending on the game being played.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has a lot in common with the original Nintendo Switch console. Users can play games on both systems, as long as the game supports the handheld mode. They both have Wi-FI, NF and Bluetooth, aside from the built-in gyro controls. Switch Lite is also compatible with all Switch controllers too.

The standard Switch Lite comes in 3 colors; yellow, gray and turquoise. There will be a special Switch Lite Pokémon-themed Zacian and Zamazenta Edition to be released on November 8. Nintendo will be releasing Switch Lite worldwide on September 20. You can avail it for only $199.99. That’s a $100 cheaper than the Nintendo Switch.