From a custom game mod to a standalone game, Drodo Studio reveals an Auto Chess invitational tournament this coming late 2019!

Creator of the very first autobattler game, Drodo Studio partners up with ImbaTV to host their very first invitational tournament this coming October 2019. With approximately $1 million USD allotted for the prize pool, it’s expected to be a big event. And this just means that Auto Chess is here to stay.

After starting out as a custom game mod in Dota 2, Auto Chess’ fame skyrocketed. It was evident because, since its debut in Dota 2, it surpassed the number of players of Dota 2 itself. In a likely manner, Dota 2 and League of Legends attempted to chime in with their own Auto Chess versions. So far, both have been successful. But Drodo Studio beat them first with their announcement of the first-ever autobattler tournament.

Aside from ImbaTV, Drodo Studio and their partner Long Mobile will spearhead the said tournament. The invitational will feature regional qualifiers and direct invites. Drodo Studio will directly invite “famous” Auto Chess professional players to the main event. While the rest of the players’ slots will be determined through a regional qualifier held worldwide. As for the regional qualifiers, it will be held sometime this August 2019.

Furthermore, several esports organizations have been setting up their Auto Chess departments in preparation for the said invitational. As of now, there are no further details yet revealed along with the announcement. But Drodo Studio guarantees that it will commence this late 2019.

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