Filipinas are doing it! ArkAngel.Fe wins Flight of the Valkyries in a 3 – 0 streak!

While the boys are competing for the Chongqing Major, the ladies are slaying in Malaysia for Battle Arena’s Flight of the Valkyries. Among 8 teams competing for the championship title, our very own ArkAngel.Fe sweeps Asterisk in a breeze. Last January 20, they claimed their title as Best Female Dota 2 Team across SEA and China.

ArkAngel.Fe was among the 5 Filipina teams who were able to qualify for Battle Arena’s Flight of the Valkyries. It was the first Female LAN tournament by Battle Arena Malaysia. The team had a pretty dominant run all throughout the tournament! They were able to defeat their fellow Filipina teams like Pacific Pink and Synergy88.Wargods, both crowd favorites.

Arkangel.Fe’s Dominant Run

During the Grand Finals of the tournament, the girls have shown their resilience and grace under pressure against the Singaporean team, Asterisk. In Game 1, they had a hard time dealing with Asterisk’s rotations. Asterisk girls managed to take away a huge gold lead during the early game and were on the verge of taking the first victory. However, ArkAngel.Fe was able to turn back the tides of Game 1 as Gill’s Anti-Mage came online. They were able to make a comeback that even the casters did not expect. Same with Game 2.

In Game 3, Asterisk started out strong as usual. However, it seems like ArkAngel.Fe found their groove already. With Gill’s Troll Warlord, they were able to force out wins in team fights against Asterisk. Meeri’s Tiny was also unstoppable during the late game and even the enemy’s Timbersaw can’t handle her. Somehow, it seemed like a one-sided game with the late game going favor with Arkangel.Fe.

They were able to end the best-of-five grand final series with a score of 3 – 0. The girls were reigned the Flight of the Valkyries Season 1 champions, the best of the best in SEA and China Female Dota 2. Way to go, ladies. Lipad, ArkAngel.Fe!

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