You can be a player if you’re playing games, but that doesn’t mean you are a gamer.

And before you accuse me of being an elitist prick, allow me to point out that I do not claim myself to be a gamer. I have played games from different genres using a variety of platforms. I spend a few hours of my day playing and watching gameplays of my favorite gaming content creators. However, that only makes me someone who’s interested in and casually plays video games. There are other people out there who have devoted their lives to this pursuit; a true gamer, as you’d call it.

I guess you can say that my purpose of clearing out the distinction between a player and a gamer is that there’s a big point we’re missing when we just label everyone who plays video games as a ‘gamer.’

To be fair, defining ‘gamer’ is akin to defining ‘life.’ It’s broad. It is not limited to one definition only. Based on the dictionary definition of a gamer, it’s a person who plays games, so with that in mind, anyone can technically be a gamer. But then, that would be a mindless way of looking at it.


Just because you’ve picked up books before doesn’t mean you’re a book nerd. Watching films every now and then does not make you a film buff. Liking food doesn’t mean you’re a foodie. The same goes for the modern ‘gamer’ tag. Calling yourself a ‘gamer’ just because you play Among Us or Mobile Legends as your pastime is disregarding the fact the gaming is a subculture, and it entails a lot more than casual playing.

A true gamer is someone who cares and is passionate about video games. They’re ardently involved in the gaming scene. They put in real-life resources like time and money to the hobby, which, in turn, becomes their source of satisfaction.

Are mobile gamers real gamers?

Lately, people on social media have been debating if mobile gamers are as much as a gamer as those who play on other platforms like console and PC. The way I see it, the device and the games you play should not matter. In the end, whether you’re using a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or consoles, what matters is the amount of dedication you put into the art. 

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