League of Legends celebrated its 10th anniversary full of surprises and much more! Click here to find out more!

League Legends celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday along with some exciting announcements! Considering this a monumental event for Riot Games, they had to make sure to enjoy it with their fans throughout. And in what better way to hold a game anniversary than to hold a live stream⁠—gaming style! Surely enough, fans weren’t disappointed as Riot dropped surprises after surprises.

But worry not if you’ve missed it. Because we have every detail you need to know about this exciting news including upcoming games, a new hero League of Legends champion, and even an animated film!


Our first line of business is a new character in League of Legends. If you’re wondering who Senna is, based on League’s lore, she was originally trapped in Thresh’s lantern. But now, she’s ready to join the champions for the battle of victory!

She is a new support character with a “marksman-like playstyle” and will be available on beta on October 29 and will officially drop on November 10.

Wild Rift

Guess we’re having a newest to our favorite mobile MOBA games as Riot Games officially announced a mobile and console version of League of Legends called ‘Wild Rift’. The game-style of Wild Rift’ would be much like the PC version. But here’s the catch, rather than adapting everything from League of Legends, Riot decided to build a new game “from scratch.”

FPS game, Project A

‘Project A’ will be Riot Games’ first-ever FPS game and is set on a near-future Earth. Although much of its game style is like other usual FPS games, Riot has yet to announce in 2020 what we can expect from this game.


Get ready to fight with Project L


Riot is definitely going all out with another new game titled ‘Project L’. Based on League of Legends, we get to see the champions in a new light with this fighting game. During the live stream, we can see heroes like Jinx, Katarina, Darius, and Ahri dueling in 2D environments. According to Riot, it’s “a good way towards making something that we think is really cool, [but] we still have a long way to go.”

Project F a Lol social game?


Through ‘Project F’, a multiplayer dungeon crawl, players can further explore the world of Runeterra. In an interview, Riot said it’s “a project that explores the possibilities of traversing the world of Runeterra with your friends.” And we can’t wait for further details of this game!

Legends of Runeterra

Including Riot’s announcements is another game but highly different from the ones we know so far. Legends of Runeterra (or LoR) is a free-to-play card game that includes champs from the League of Legends universe.

Animated Series ‘Arcane’

It looks like Riot isn’t contented enough with new games and characters, they just had to make ‘Arcane’. It’s a League of Legends animated series set in the utopian Piltover and the underground of Zaun and will star “two iconic League champions.” As for the details, Riot Games said we would have to wait until 2020!

League of Legends Origins

‘League of Legends’ is a documentary film focusing on the rise of League of Legends as a game and its withstanding growth within the gaming community. You can catch the film on Netflix and other video streaming platforms.

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