Out of all the bizarre collabs we have yet to see, this is probably the most unexpected one

The Fortnite x Tiktok Emote Royale Contest lets you become an in-game dancing meme! 

Words can never be really enough when playing Fortnite. Good thing there’s this what you call “battle emotes” to sum up our feelings. It can be used for anything, for example, making your teammates laugh, and of course, agitating your enemies with some annoying dancing animation.


And you wouldn’t believe that things just got better. Apparently, Fortnite is partnering with TikTok for the Emote Royale Contest wherein players can get the chance to turn themselves into battle emotes, making the game’s experience a WHOLE lot better!

So you’re probably wondering how does it work? It’s easy actually. All you have to is film yourself performing an original dance move using Fortnite’s pre-approved tracks, submit it on TikTok using the hashtag #EmoteRoyaleContest, then bam! You, my friend, just made it possible to immortalize your moves on Fortnite. And did we mention the winner will also receive 25,000 V-Bucks and a Fortnite VIP giveaway package?


Epic Games

But you have to remember, it’s important to follow these rules or else Epic Game won’t consider them. We don’t want Fortnite getting sued again for their in-game emotes based on other people’s dance, agree?

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What are you waiting for? The contest begins January 18 until January 24. And if you haven’t found the inspiration in making your own TikTok yet, here are Jordan Fisher and Pokimane showing you how it’s done.

@jordan_fisherDropping into Emote Royale with my new emote! Enter the contest and you could get your own emote too. #EmoteRoyaleContest fortnite♬ original sound – jordan_fisher

@pokii can’t believe i’m saying this but i have my own Fortnite Emote! 🤯🥳 you can get one too by entering a dance with #EmoteRoyalecontest #EpicPartner♬ original sound – poki

What do you think of the Fortnite collaborating with TikTok for its battle emote challenge? And will you be joining this contest?

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