A brand new character enters the Wasteland!

Published by Gaea Mobile Ltd., the mobile adventure simulation game Fallout Shelter Online has launched a collaboration event with the game DOOM Eternal. Starting on September 9th, The ‘DOOM Slayer’ will join the battle in the Wasteland as a new Vault Dweller in Fallout Shelter Online.


Fallout Shelter Online is a mobile adventure simulation game licensed by Bethesda Softworks® and developed by Shengqu Games. In Fallout Shelter Online, players take on the role of the Overseer and embark on new adventures in the Wasteland. To continue introducing fresh new content into the game, the developers bring many new and frequent updates to expand gameplay and introduce many collaboration events. Here comes the DOOM Slayer, the first crossover character in the game! Now available in Fallout Shelter Online! Want to jump in? Download the game in App Store and Google Play Store in Asia.


DOOM Eternal is the latest installment of DOOM franchise. Players are able to play as the DOOM Slayer, ripping and tearing through enemies and battling against the threat from Hell.

To reproduce the gameplay of the DOOM Slayer smashing demons with multiple different weapons, the game equipped the DOOM Slayer with his Super Shotgun! In other words, DOOM Slayer fires his Shotgun for close combat despite being an Attack class Dweller! His appearance in the game introduces a brand-new Bond called Wilds Wanderer. Moreover, a new Attachment Set [Praetor Suit] is also coming to the game, which will protect the DOOM Slayer in his battles against evil.


The collaboration character will be available in a limited in-game Chance Up card pool event from September 9th to September 16th. There will be character training challenges and a mass instance event launch at the same time. Players can claim generous in-game rewards by completing Dweller training challenges. Besides, Fallout Shelter Online official communities will also launch a series of events for more Crossover Celebration. For more details, please check out the game’s official website and official communities.

*Details and photos provided by GAEA via a press release.

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