The Takeshi’s Castle-inspired battle royale is an immediate hit, as expected.

The PC release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is considered to be the most successful release ever for both Devolver and the developer, Mediatonic. Since its full launch on August 4, the video game has scored over 2 million sales. And that’s during the first week on Steam only. Though we haven’t heard of the PS4 numbers, Fall Guys has previously reached 1.5 million players when it launched on PlayStation 4 (available for free with PS Plus) and PC.

This amazing news was shared by Devolver Digital themselves on their official Twitter account.

Aside from the mind-boggling sales, Devolver also proudly announces that in the first week alone 1.5 million crowns have been grabbed, the game has been watched for 23 million hours on Twitch, and lastly, already 60 million poor jelly beans have fallen over. “Big thanks to all for all the great jellybean vibes,” says Devolver in the caption.

It’s not a surprise Fall Guys is an instant success. Most battle royales involve hunting and shooting each other on a shrinking map until one is hailed as the champion; Fall Guys is a unique and interesting take on the genre. It’s a mix of survival and platforming, providing players the chance to live out their dreams of joining those obstacle racing TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout.

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