As viewers, sending Stars is the best way of showing appreciation to our favorite streamers.

For those who weren’t unaware, Facebook Stars are a feature on the social media site that enables gaming content creators to earn via their live streams. While watching the stream, viewers have the option the buy a Star for a specific price, which they can send to the creator they wanna support. Each Star gives a creator an amount of $0.01 USD. There are also animated virtual gifts to choose from, each one amounting to a certain number of Stars.

This feature is why more and more gamers are getting attracted to live streaming. Given enough effort and consistency, they can make a living out of live streaming– a field in which many content creators have already succeeded. In fact, established streamers like ChooxTv and Ghost Wreckers have made use of this feature to gather funds for victims of typhoon Ulysses.

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We have good news! If you’re one of those generous viewers who make it a point to send Stars as payback for the entertainment that our local streamers have been giving us, there’s a way for you to make ‘tipid.‘ Apparently, the price of Stars when buying through the web browser on PC is considerably lower compared to that when buying via the mobile Facebook app. Yep, a rising local streamer who goes by the name of Nox Playroom made this helpful discovery and informed his fellow gaming enthusiasts about it.

Here’s a rundown of Star prices on PC.



Here are the Star prices on mobile.

Facebook Stars when buying on mobile

Disclaimer: The prices indicated above are the ones listed as of November 18.

The reason for the price discrepancy is that Google Play Store and Apple App Store enforce a 30% cut from the revenue brought by in-app purchases, and so Facebook makes up for it by increasing the prices on mobile.

Well, the pricing differences may not be an issue for many supporters. However, considering how Stars have become useful especially to those creators, influencers, and even organizations who kickstarted donation drives in response to the calamities that have ravaged the country, this information can be a huge blessing to people’s pockets.

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