On Tuesday, February 4, co-founder of Tier One Entertainment, Irymarc “TryQ” Gutierrez, announced that an academic course for esports in the Philippines is possible for development.

He took it to Facebook to share the good news after meeting up with the VP of Academic affairs of Lyceum, their faculty, and the grandson of the former president Jose P. Laurel.

“If this pushes through, this is going to be the first time for an organization of their caliber to setup an official academic program for this industry,” he explained.

According to TryQ, this project will be spearheaded by his company, Tier One, which is the first esports talent agency in SEA, together with Lyceum Manila.


As of writing, the post has reached over 1.3k likes, 300 comments, and 553 shares. Considering the amount of engagement and attention this news is attracting, it looks like esports becoming part of the academe means a lot to Filipinos despite the negative stigma surrounding it.

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It starts now

Staying to true their goal, TryQ and Tier One are definitely to be given credit for trying to turn gamers’ dreams into proper careers. And making esports as a collegiate course is just the jump-start we need.

In time, we can also attain South Korea’s esports educational standards and produce more world-class talents. And of course, this should be also a turning point for people who are still living within the stigma and for them to realize that the billion-dollar industry of esports is no joke.

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No words can describe seeing how the hard work of those people behind the Philippine esports scene is finally paying off. And to witness the day that we’re finally progressing to make esports a legitimate is truly heartwarming.

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