Wondering what it takes to become an esports shoutcaster? Here’s an exclusive with none other than Wolf Casts himself!

Esports is going big in making a name for itself. It’s slowly developing into a booming industry worldwide because of the massive prizes and recognition you can get. Not to mention the extensive line of work it offers. May it be playing the game, coaching players, or organizing events–you name it, esports has it all! Truly, esports is now top tier and you can be a part of it!

If you’re one of those people who also want to try and take their passion for esports to a whole new level, you may want to try out shoutcasting.

What it shoutcasting, you say? Just like in conventional sports wherein we hear commentators or announcers telling us what’s happening in a game, well, esports is no exception! Basically it’s thanks to the shoutcasters that we get hyped and get a gist of the game in real-time. We hear them describing what’s going on during team fights or any aspect of action that us viewers cannot see for ourselves.

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From Wolf Casts’ Facebook

If you have the niché for analyzing games while talking really fast (and can still remember to breathe)–the job is definitely for you! But the question you’re probably asking is, “Where do I start?” Well, don’t worry, we got you! Here’s an exclusive with one of the rising stars in shoutcasting, Mr. Caisam Yvez or famously known as Wolf!

You may have heard of this promising shoutcaster from last year’s Philippine coverage of The International or maybe in The Nationals, or even in the recently concluded Sibol National Pool Combine. Wolf is known for casting games like Dota 2, Paladins, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and many more!

#1 Know the game

It’s a no-brainer that in any sports you have to know the mechanics or technicalities of a game in order to explain it to your audience right? So in what better way is to play the game, just like what Wolf did! Wolf explains that he first started playing Dota 2 but his love for commentating started when he saw The International in 2013.

Siyempre nag-start sa paglalaro lang then eventually, napanood ko kasi yung big tournament which is The International parang WorldCup ng Dota and nagulat ako na may commentary, may casters, sabi ko, ‘Wait, that’s interesting I want to do that!'”

In an interview with GG Network, Wolf explains he’s the type to really analyze a game. This is where his passion for shoutcasting stemmed from. He goes by saying: “I started as a pure analytic guy with no hype and all and then kind of evolve so I would say it’s analytic but educational. I always aim for it to be educational. I want to teach people how to play the game and understand the game more, so I think it’s educational.”

An esports shoutcaster is someone who does well in entertaining his or her audience. But a good one is someone who’s capable of keeping them engaged and giving them useful knowledge that can help them understand the game. This is what Wolf aims to do.

#2 Don’t be afraid of the stigma

We all know that whenever we hear “esports”, there’s a negative impression attached to it. Even Wolf had his fair share of this. Before, his family used to condemn the work he does. Even though he had a lot of projects, they still didn’t support him. According to him: “Before nga kahit na marami akong projects ayaw pa rin nila which is frustrating on my part pero you’ll understand kasi they’re just concerned about me.”

This is very relatable nowadays. We see so many people aspiring to build a career out of esports but there are a lot of struggles along the way. But what Wolf did was to pursue his passion and eventually, his family accepted his profession.

#3 Grind

Lastly, Wolf gives us the best advice we can get out there. This doesn’t only pertain to esports but in any profession in general. We have to learn from our experiences first and persevere before we get a sweet taste of success.

“For aspiring shoutcasters out there, take every opportunity you can get kasi sobrang treasured ang bawat opportunity,” he said.

And without doubt, we face challenges along the way but that should push us to become a better version of ourselves.

“There will come a time na sobrang hirap at kailangan mong maggrind and maffrustrate ka kasi you’re not paid enough or your not getting projects pero  take whatever you can get and continue to grind.”

You may find yourself stuck in a rut and you start questioning yourself and your abilities. It’s natural! But don’t give up on what you already started. So for those aspiring shoutcasters out there, just grind and grind until you get there!

So what are you waiting for? Take that leap of faith and try out shoutcasting!

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