ENCORE FEATURE: Weekly Top 5 Streamers

Just before the week ends, we have here our Weekly Top 5 Streamers that you should watch out for! Spend your free time watching them play or if you’re lucky enough, get to play with them too!

Instead of scrolling endlessly in Facebook’s usual memes and depreciating issues, why not just head to fbb.gg? I mean, there’s a whole lot of people to watch in Facebook’s new streaming service. But since there are a lot of games to choose from and a lot of streamers to watch, we rounded up our Weekly Top 5 Streamers we love.


She’s the cutest dinosaur in town! None other than Suzzysaur! Suzzysaur or also know as Suzzy is one of the most fun local streamers around. Aside from League of Legends, Suzzy also plays Mobile Legends too! Don’t fall for her cutie-patootie personality because she can outplay you if you’re not careful.

She’s not only a streamer and a gamer, but she’s also a seamstress who makes customized jackets, pillows, and plushies on the side. But there’s more! She’s also affiliated with Rumble Royale and an MSI Ambassador at such a young age! (We stan!) What we love about her is that she’s very approachable and friendly to her fans. Polite and sweet, You can also play with her if she’s hosting custom games with her viewers. Try watching her streams and approaching her, she won’t bite! (And she looks so cute in her dinosaur kigurumi!)

Guso Gaming

Gabriel or Guso Gaming takes flight as one of Tier One’s AMPFLY streamers. He plays and streams Dota 2every day. So if you’re looking for a chill yet insightful Dota 2 stream, then Guso’s you’re guy. Not only he knows a lot about the game, but he’s also quite updated with the happenings in the Dota 2 competitive scene. He usually talks with his viewers about his insights about upcoming tournaments, issues, and meta changes. You could learn a thing or two from him.

Even he’s an aspiring and rising streamer, he still supports his fellow rising streamers as well. Talk about being humble and friendly, right? Anyway, you can also play with him in party Ranked matches, tournaments, and lobbies too! Remember, Guso is the name and Dota is his game.


Here’s another successful lady, dominating on her own terms! Frhea Jaimil is a 23-year-old gamer and streamer who casually plays Mobile Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Behind the pretty face, Frhea rules at the games she plays. She also plays with her viewers and fans almost every day! She’s funny, friendly and definitely a tough cookie in the game!

Aside from being a streamer, she’s also a vlogger, social media influencer, model and an MSI brand ambassador! Now that’s a boss lady, slaying at her career! So you better check her streams and have fun playing your favorite games with her!

Jazon Gaming

And this guy must be our favorite Rules of Survival streamer so far! Jazon Gaming or simply Jazon is taking himself into new heights under Rumble Royale. A good ROS player, Jazon streams his games, demonstrating his technical skills and creative ways of shooting down his enemies. You can really see how refined his skills are whenever he grinds during his daily streams. You could pick up tricks from just watching him, you’ll never know.

So if you ever stumble upon his streams, better support him! He’s easygoing and chill and you’ll definitely have fun watching him play for sure!


And last but definitely not least, Buunja! Buunja, also affiliated with Rumble Royale, is another rising star in the FB.gg. She plays League of Legends and Rules of Survivals frequently. But she also explores her gaming experience with other games like Dead by Daylight. Fans even get to play with her more often than not.

And if you’re lucky enough, she plays while in her cosplay costumes too! Isn’t that a sight to see? Well, aside from being a streamer, she’s a cosplayer. So you might be seeing her in cosplay conventions around the metro as well. Don’t worry! Buunja’s very approachable and kind! Whenever she plays with viewers, you’ll just feel like you’re playing with a barkada or a long-time friend! (We love her cosplays too!)

Now that you have our Weekly Top 5 Streamers, you better head out to fb.gg to check them out! You still have time this weekend to watch and get to play with them!

What can you say about our Weekly Top 5 Streamers? Have you played with them before?  Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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