It’s almost the weekend, you guys! And nothing’s more relaxing than to binge watch streams of our favorite games right? So here’s our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers to watch out for!

Another week, another set of streamers to choose from! Since the weekend is almost at our doorstep, get ready to binge watch your favorite streams all day. Who’s stopping you when you have all the time in your hands to laze all day? Of course, your mom, that’s who. But kidding aside here’s some of the rising streamers making a name for themselves, keeping us entertained with quality gaming content.


Definitely an achiever in both gaming and real life, Isabaecon is the top bae of them all! Tier One Amplfy’s resident Barbie girl, Isabaecon promises loads of laughter with her meme-worthy reactions on every stream. There’s never a dull moment during her streams and it’s proven by everyone who follows her. And she’s a real gamer, people! You can catch her play PlayPark RF Online, League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and many more. (We stan a girl gamer!)

Skrill Gaming

Skrill Gaming, a Tier One talent is all about building a community, not income. He’s not just your regular dude that streams for the money but for the people he gets to meet through gaming. Even if his face is hidden behind a mask, people are warm to Skrill. Everyone can relate to him. Just a simple dude who wants to play his games and make good friends. With the streaming industry getting complicated by the minute, his streams remind us that sometimes it’s good to just chill. (But we want that face reveal tho!)

Bobo de Clown

A face that we all want to see, Bobo de Clown showers us with his satirical takes on the gaming community. His mysterious persona might be a contrast to how he streams but it’s definitely entertaining. Bobo de Clown’s anonymity through the mask and the voice changer makes us wonder who the hell he is. But despite that, his contents are indeed entertaining, making your dull day a bit better.


A resident streamer from TaskUs Titans, Mangobells prides herself for her hilarious memes, references and funny antics. This little mango (as everyone calls her) is one happy-go-lucky and approachable lady. Streaming quality Mobile Legends plays, she spends her time interacting with her viewers at the same time. No wonder everyone loves her! And if you ask me, she’s also a sight to see, sporting her dyed hair like a bombshell that she is!


An esports journalist, caster, streamer and analyst, you name it! Zoraion has been a long time League of Legends player. Because of the long time he’s spent playing League, you can definitely consider him as an esports historian when it comes to it. That’s why watching his streams aren’t just enriching but also educating as well. If you want to get tips on the meta and recent patches of League, Zoraion is your man!

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to follow them and watch their amazing streams too!

Who among our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers are your favorite? Have you played with them before? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.