It’s Friday again, everyone! And here’s another ~wave~ of our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers! See if your favorite one made it to our list!

If you’re looking for new gaming content to follow and watch then here’s a little something for the weekend. We did you the best favor by rounding up our favorite Top 5 Rising Streamers for this week! Get ready for an action-packed gaming adventure with them! So without further ado, here they are:

Tei~    Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers Tei

Slated in Legend III rank, Tei~ shows she’s not only a beauty in the gaming industry. You should definitely watch out for this model-slash-streamer-slash-player as she dives into the arena of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. And did we mention her solid sound trip? Go head right over to her channel to see or yourself!

Sherjae TV

Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers SherJae TV

Here’s a sight to behold! Who would have thought this unlikely duo would be a father and daughter tandem? You can see them play different games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Ragnarok, Roblox, and much more! Watch them for some family-friendly gaming content!


Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers DaRealTV

Meet Darryl “DaRealTV” Sandil, a new rising streamer who made it to our list with his gaming walkthroughs and retro games. You can also expect some unboxing and reviews of collectibles from him. Some of the games he plays are Modern Warfare, GTA III, and PUBg.

Steven Peregrina

Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers Steven Peregrina

Relatively new to the streaming scene, beatmaster Steven Peregrina proves he’s not only a talented artist in the Filipino hip-hop scene but as well as in gaming! Enjoy his music while seeing him play a variety of games like Dota 2 and GTA V!


Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers Punyeta Gaming

Considering what “punyeta” means in Tagalog, this name doesn’t really fit this lady, however, we might just be wrong as she plays with a fierce attitude! She’s definitely a female streamer to look out for if you’re looking for some Mobile Legends: Bang Bang action!

And that’s it for our weekly segment of Top 5 Rising Streamers to watch out for! And in case you missed our last week’s picks, you’re welcome to check them out right here!

If you want to be part of our streamers list and make your name be known throughout the gaming community, we’re just one click away! Show us your best games and give us a few reasons why you deserve a spot in our top 5! Good luck!

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