ENCORE FEATURE: Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers

It’s officially the rainy season, guys! Best ways to enjoy the rainy weekend afternoon would be a cup of coffee and some chips while you watch our weekly top 5 rising streamers in bed!

Now that it’s officially the bed weather season, weekends are best spent at home, all cozied up in bed. But even with the rain pouring outside, you’d still have your trusty phones and computers to keep you company. And to help you out pick out the best streams to watch, here’s our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers you should check out!


Jumping from Twitch to Facebook Gaming, Nikkinikki’s spontaneity and enthusiasm captivates everyone’s heart. The Dota 2 streamer is a bubbly one and you’d surely enjoy watching her. And if you’re lucky enough, get to play with her too. She even plays Ragnarok: Eternal Love and started playing Rules of Survival too!


Striving and thriving at the peak of esports, Kaisaya is an all-around gamer for quite some time. From being a hobby streamer, she’s on the rise of becoming one of regarded gaming personalities in the local gaming community. Aside from streaming her favorite games, you can also find her shoutcasting in her streams. Not only that, she’s also an esports analyst so you’d surely learn a thing or two from watching her, y’know. You go, girl!

Razzie Binx

The satirical content creator and streamer, Razzie Binx brings joy and laughter to everyone on his stream. Mind you, he just graduated from college but he’s already winging it one being successful in the streaming and content creating industry. He usually streams survival horror games and a variety of others, aside from his funny vlogs. Way to go, bro!


Another resident PUBG streamer, Rothyplays is one heck of a sharpshooter. You’d find yourself entertained and weirdly relaxed watching her play. Surprisingly, she’s very calm and collected even at the most crucial moments of the game. And of course, she has some tricks up her sleeves to outmanuveur her enemies in one go! Currently, she’s starting to play Dota 2 so you might want to drop by and see her go!


And last but definitely not least, Chibiby! The “old man” gamer and streamer represents Cebu with all his pride. And despite being a lot older than the regular streamers you encounter, Chibiby definitely still got the moves in playing Dota 2! So if you want that authentic Bisaya casting and gaming, you’d might want to drop by at Chibiby’s stream because he’s both skilled and hella entertaining too!

So what are you waiting for! Maximize the fullest potential of a cozy bed weather on a weekend with the best streams you can watch. Be sure to support our local streamers with all your love!

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