We’re back at it!  As the week comes to an end, everyone’s ready to binge-watch some quality streams again. So here’s our weekly top 5 rising streamers that’s definitely gonna make your weekend worthwhile!

Hooray for Friday! In just a few hours, we’ll be ready to kick back and relax as the weekend comes again. And what’s better than spend your time relaxing than watching some of your favorite streamers play our favorite games, right? Check out who made to our list in our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers!

Frhea Jaimil

First up, the 23-year old streamer, Frhea! This youthful and innocent-looking lady isn’t just all good looks. Aside from being a deadly shooter in Rules of Survival, she’s a skilled wonder in Mobile Legends. Even she herself gets surprised when she gets triple kills in an instant! That’s our girl!

Empress Gaming

A queen of her own turf, Empress is one to look out for if you’re into shooting games. She’s no joke because she’s a sniper that can aim for her enemies head with one quick kill shot. Aside from streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, she also plays Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, Overwatch and League of Legends. So you might be seeing her show off her mad skills in other games too!


She ain’t like SKT’s Faker but Jiangshi definitely got some sick moves in League of Legends. A cosplayer and a passionate gamer, Jiangshi combines both of her passion when she streams. Her refreshing and bubbly personality on screen adds that flair and revelry to her each and every stream.

Archer Perezz

Known for his coffee vest, Archer Perezz is one of Tier One’s finest talents. A former Twitch streamer, he’s now in Facebook Gaming, streaming his casual game walkthroughs for games such as Witcher. If he’s not streaming, you can definitely find him in Tier One’s Amplfy, hosting their live podcast. Archer is a force of nature, a comical guy and you’d just find yourself being hooked to his natural charms. Do check him out, ‘kay?


And last but definitely not the least, Alpha’s newest star on the rise, Chubkilla! This young streamer just started out but he’s a well-known personality within the local PUBG community. He’s a deadeye, straight shooter that you’d really want to play within your squad. Not to mention, he has two funny personalities you’d get to see on screen. He’s definitely worth watching out for!

So even if you’re hanging out with your friends or just chilling alone, you can watch their streams and be entertained in the comforts of your home. Be sure to check them out and show some love. Their streams are surely worth the watch!

Did you favorite streamers make it to our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers list? Who will you watch this weekend? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.