Here we go again! Saddle up, gamers! Enjoy the rest of your weekend with amusing gaming content from our weekly top 5 rising streamers!

Thank God it’s Friday! Fri-yay! With the weekend upon us, everyone can definitely chill out while watching good gaming streams. And if you think that you’ve seen it all, then you’re wrong. Because there are lots of streamers out there for you to see. Here is our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers that you’d definitely want to watch.


The charming and artistic debonair from Rumble Royal, Jiggernut is as entertaining as he is skilled. Definitely one of the finest from RR, he’s a streamer looked up to, not only by his viewers but also by his fellow streamers. He usually streams his League of Legends plays. And sometimes, Rules of Survival on the side. He’s not just your play-by-play guy coz he’s definitely entertaining even during crucial clutch plays. So if you’re looking for that top-notch entertainment and gameplay, Jiggernut’s your guy!

Mika Daime

Our independent darling, Mika Daime has been an inspiration in the streaming community. A cosplayer and a streamer, she really knows how to entertain her viewers and give solid amusement to everyone. She’s not just pretty but she’s also quite skilled as a League of Legends player. Behind that pretty face, she’s a strong-willed and motivated lady ready to take on the world! Currently, she’s preparing for FSL Elite League of Legends 2019 so be sure to tune in!

Roller Gaming

Here’s another one from Rumble Royale! Roller Gaming, our favorite Japinoy heartthrob brings good vibes all the time. A little bit of a trash talker himself, his Mobile Legends plays are hilarious as heck. Not to mention, he’s approachable and interactive to his viewers too. There’s no dull moment when watching him play and just be himself.


Pew, pew! Don’t be fooled by this lady! She might come off as sweet but she’s a deadly shooter. Tier One’s Ish is known for her PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds plays and she’s really good at it. She plays with her viewers from time to time so don’t be surprised if she carries your squad all the way to victory. You might pick up a thing or two from her games so you better keep an eye on her.


And last but definitely not least is Dayanara! A Dota 2 player and streamer, she’s not to be underestimated. You might think that this cutie patootie isn’t someone you’d be threatened to play with. But no, she’s got the looks and the skills to beat you to a pulp. Try playing watching her streams and you’d witness how good she is. You might even get to play with her too!

And that’s it, folks! That’s our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers to watch out for. Have fun over the weekend watching them play and playing with them too! Gaming isn’t as entertaining and fun without them, y’know!

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