September comes to an end with another satisfying week! Check out our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers and be on the lookout.

The week ain’t really over without checking out our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers. Every day, we see the same faces all over again. I mean, yeah, sure. But sometimes, we’d have to wash it off of our palette. So we’ve gathered a few hidden gems in the gaming community to help you get through the week!


A rising personality from Rumble Royale’s ever-growing list of talents, Joestarscream screams authenticity. You could see it in his every stream that he doesn’t tries hard to be somebody else. Aside from showing off his gaming journey, he brings tons of fun to his viewers. He might not be big as others, but he knows how to connect with everybody else. Truly a bona fide gamer at heart.

Joys Gaming

This baby-faced Amplfy talent caters to a variety of players in the gaming community. Joy plays various famous games like Mobile Legends, Rules of Survival and League of Legends. She always tries to engage with the community by always playing with them as much as possible.

Master Els

A gamer, a content creator and an artist, Master Els is an all-around guy you can count on. He might be under the radar but his skills surpasses his follower count. Not to mention, he’s well-regarded in the community for being a shoutcaster as well. Now that’s what you call passion. Not only just for the fame. But for the betterment of the community and giving substantial content to everyone.

Jeihan Gaming

You might have heard of Jeihan Gaming from the local ML community. She found her way as a trailblazing shoutcaster in interbaranggay and small tournaments. Despite the concentration of aspiring casters, she continuously shows that she has what it takes to be a fitting shoutcaster among her peers. And she really do has the guts, passion and talent. No kidding on that one.

Spicybaecon Gaming

A freelance shoutcaster and the resident partner of Jeihan Gaming, Spicybaecon or Julia Napz also scores herself a spot in our list. Like her partner, Jeihan Gaming, she’s climbing the ranks as a formidable shoutcaster. With her big dreams and boundless efforts, she takes everything to another level.

And that’s it, folks! That’s our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers to watch out for. Have fun over the weekend watching them play and playing with them too! Gaming isn’t as entertaining and fun without them, y’know!

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