Missing out amazing gaming content because of your weekly workload? Say no more, our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers got your back to bring you loads of fun this weekend!

The weekend is upon us! And that only means one thing, time to go relaxing! For us gamers, one of the best way to de-stress is to watch our favorite streamers play our favorite games. And of course, binge-watch them all as we get over our weekly work stress and blues! So here’s our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers just waiting for us to join the fun!

QueenWrecker Gaming

Strong, independent and elegance, QueenWrecker Gaming lives up to her name as being a queen. She dominates her enemies in Mobile Legends and shows who’s the boss. (Which is her, by the way.) And despite everything else, she’s confident in her capabilities, not just as a girl but as a streamer and gamer. Now that’s a queen that you should really stan!


A cosplayer, a brand ambassadress, a gamer. She’s everything that she can be! The beauty, Cherizawa has been a prominent gaming public figure in the community for quite some time. And as a streamer, she’s nothing but honest and blunt when it comes to being herself. Playing with all her might, she shows that she’s not all sugar, spice and everything nice.


A badass yet humble man, AgentB1ack goes beyond his way to bring fun gaming content. He was a former Dota 2 competitive player at a young age but now strives to make it to competitive level in FPS games. Follow him and witness his journey and see how this guy can be greater than he was before.

Yuyu 유리신

The Hatsune Miku-loving cosplayer turns to a streamer! You might have seen Yuyu during cosplay conventions couple of times. But when she streams, she unleashes her inner gamer like you’ve never seen before. She might be a bubbly-looking girl, but she can be badass if she wants to be.


For some people, quiet streamers aren’t their cup of tea. But it’s a different thing for Ayane or Ayanation. Just like any other streamer, she’ full of live and bubbliness. But the moment the game starts, she goes into the zone. Full concentration in the game. You can really see how she plays Dota 2 with such grace that you’d fall into trance to her play as well.

And that’s it, folks! That’s our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers to watch out for. Have fun over the weekend watching them play and playing with them too! Gaming isn’t as entertaining and fun without them, y’know!

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