ENCORE FEATURE: Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers

The gaming community emerged into something better, especially with the presence of streamers. So that’s why we listed down our Weekly Top 5 Rising streamers taking flight in making the local gaming community great!

Streamers have taken over the social media space with their crazy and wacky contents. Not like we’re complaining! But we’re seriously loving how they’re giving it their all in bringing entertainment to everyone, everywhere. Let’s see the Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers that you should definitely check out!


Basking in all glory, Sarah Jane or mostly known as Serahline is another Rumble Royale streamer everyone’s looking forward to. Despite not being active that much, she’s just as entertaining as she is talented. She might look like a sweet innocent angel but don’t let it fool you. She’s one deadly opponent who can knock your socks out. That’s for sure!

Exile Giee

Another Rumble Royale streamer, Exile Giee brings “fun” in fundamentals. He might be overseas but that doesn’t mean that he won’t be entertaining his fellow Filipinos. He currently plays Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and GTA V as of now but still play other PC games as well. He’s one heck of a dude so you’ll surely find him entertaining!


Well-known for his can-do attitude and amiable personality, Terrel or 2Staxx goes all out every time! Unlike others, he’s a variety streamer, showing off an assortment of games that he knows everyone will enjoy. So if you’re tired of the MOBA games, 2Staxx got your back!

Dexie Diaz

The rising star player of Evos’ MLBB all-girls team, Dexie displays her top-notch skill for everyone to see. She’s definitely not your typical girl gamer because she’s one femme fatale on the field. You might be surprised to her skills so be sure to show some love in her streams!

Rosy Cheeks

And last but definitely not the least, Rosy Cheeks! Even for a beginner in some games, she’s not shy to ask for tips from her viewers and play with them as well. Not to brag but she’s good especially when playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. So if you’re looking for genuine casual gaming, Rosy Cheeks should be your go-to.

That’s it, folks! That’s our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers showing what fun really is! Be sure to show some love to these guys and keep on supporting our local streamers.

Who among our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers have you played with? Did your favorite streamer make it to our list? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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