Video games might be getting hate recently but our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers prove that there’s nothing wrong with being a gamer!

For quite some time now, video games are in heat after being blamed for gun violence. However, both local and international streamers beg to differ. And despite the hate and stigma on gaming, our local gaming content creators and streamers always make sure to show us what gaming is all about. So check out who made it to our weekly top 5 rising streamers list!

Macoy Galope

It’s your boy, Macoy! Definitely one of the sought-out streamers right now, he brings you fun. Whenever, wherever! A dedicated content creator, he really guarantees that there’s no dull moment with him. So if you’re looking for a variety of game contents, Macoy is your boy! (Seriously, we’re just loving how he sounds over the mic!)

Sugar Gaming

Behind her pretty face and captivating smile, Erika or Sugar can be a deadly opponent in Mobile Legends. People might be intimidated by her on first look. But to be perfectly honest, she’s a great girl with a great personality and you’d really enjoy watching and playing with her!


This cutie pie is our favorite lumpiang shanghai! KC, a resident WomboXCombo streamer and aspiring shoutcaster prove that girls shouldn’t be trifled with. Armed with skills in playing Dota 2, she puts guys to shame. She usually plays with her viewers so you might want to get a chance to play with her sometimes!


Another passionate gamer, Fueledbynoodles or simply Eric shows off more than just MOBA games on stream. Being a gamer for almost 10 years, he displays a variety of games that not only he enjoys. Shooting games, RPG, MMORPG, you name it! He might look like a man of few words but he’s one fun crazy dude to watch and play with!

Wayne TV

A proud member of the LGBT community, Wayne TV raises the banner with pride. Despite coming off as a demure lady, she isn’t someone you should underestimate. If you watch her play, you’d be surprised how she can overthrow the majority of her enemies down the drain.

There you have it, people! That’s our featured Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers that you should definitely follow. So if you want to find new content that’s worthwhile, be sure to follow them, stat! And of course, show some love and support them too!

Who among our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers have you played with? Did your favorite streamer make it to our list? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.