If you’re spending time watching streams in FB.gg, then you better watch out for these ladies. Here are our Weekly Top 5 Rising Female Streamers who have the beauty, brains, and skills to dominate different games!

Streaming has become a vital part of the esports community. With the esports and gaming community gaining attraction, people of all walks of life are captivated by it. Because of that, streaming platforms have popped out one by one. Just to cater to the audience of gaming and esports enthusiasts all around the world. And the Philippines is no exception from that. With NimoTV, Twitch, and Youtube, streamers are able to broadcast their live games to all audiences possible.

And with the newest addition to the streaming platforms, FB.gg, it became accessible to everyone and anyone in the Facebook community. Thanks to that, the number of female streamers and players are growing by the second. Since the esports community is male-dominated, most streamers and players we usually encounter are male. But with fb.gg and its accessibility, women can easily show off their skills through a larger audience in FB.gg. And while I try to kill time during my break, I happen to stumble upon some of the rising female streamers in fb.gg that deserves more recognition than ever.

Spicegirl K.

Karolina or mostly known with her handle Spicegirl K. is a 21-year old Lithuanian gamer living in the Philippines. Despite being a foreigner and the language barrier among her audience, she’s getting tons of fans by the minute. Streaming a few times a day, Karolina plays League of Legends, Rules of Survival, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Mobile Legends among others. Don’t let her European beauty fool you because she’s got the skills alright. Spicegirl K. is quite competitive and she’s good on every game she plays. Aside from giving out freebies to her fans, she also plays with them every now and then. And delightfully, she tries to learn bits of Tagalog from them too!

Outside her streams and her gaming life, Karolina does professional fashion modeling. And despite her competitive nature in gaming, she’s a total sweetheart and a softie. (I stan!)


Ariza Quinones or Ishypz in FB.gg is a long-time household name in the local gaming industry. An avid Dota 2 player, Ishy knows the ins and outs of Dota 2. Far better than some other men. Currently, her MMR is at 5.7k at its all-time high, putting her at the Immortal ranks. (Goals!) If you’ve seen her play, you can really tell she got the moves. Be it as a support, offlaner or carry, Ishy demonstrates how skilled she is as a player, at par with high ranking players around the globe.

As phenomenal as that sounds, she’s also been affiliated with big names in the local gaming community. She’s a casting partner on WomboXCombo and with Twitch as well. A great player and an achiever in her own league. So if you want that intense Dota 2 plays, watch out for Ishy’s stream and her mad Dota 2 skills!

Lois Gaming

A proud member of the gaming organization Rumble Royale, Lois has been always on the move as a League of Legends player. Aside from being a streamer, she has been part of an all-female LoL team too. Another great player who provides great content and gameplay, Lois is an approachable streamer as well. She engages with fans, allowing them to play with her through custom games and challenges as well.

She might have a pretty face but Lois definitely knows her how to play at her own turf. She’s quite good, as she’s a Diamond IV player in LoL. So if you stumble upon her streams, you might find yourself fascinated with her and how she plays too.

Jhanelle Frances Trias

Another player and achiever in her gaming career, Jhanelle Frances Trias or simply Jhanelle is beauty and brains. She’s also a League of Legends player, so if you’re a LoL player yourself, you might pick up some moves from her. She’s also in a professional LoL team together with Lois. And I tell you, they are superb! Behind that beautiful face, she’s a tough cookie in the Summoner’s Rift.

But she’s not just a player and a streamer. Jhanelle is also a brand ambassadress of Wargod Pro Gaming and has her own businesses as well. Triple threat!


Last but definitely not least is JingJing or Therese Uy! JingJing is another Dota 2 player who streams her usual games every day. And if you think that JingJing is just a cutiepie who plays for fun, then you’re wrong. She’s quite competitive among her league, Archon rank. And if you think you can beat her easily, then think again. She’s might seem bubbly and all but she’s deadly once she plays. But she’s really fun to play with!

In addition to being a streamer, JingJing is also a dancer and a blogger. So she’s more substantial than you think. She’s not your regular girl-next-door type because she can rip you apart in Dota 2.

So if you think girl gamers all sugar, spice, and everything nice, then think again. These girls are just a few of the streamers you can watch bring down male players in their own game. So you better check them out in their FB.gg accounts to see it for yourselves.

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