Looking forward to the weekend? Us too! But first, let’s find out who made it to our Weekly Top 5 Rising Female Streamers! READ HERE:

We did you the best favor by rounding up our Top 5 Rising Female Streamers for this week! Get ready for an action-packed gaming adventure with the leading femme fatales in the gaming community! And see if your favorite ones made it to our list! So without further ado, here they are:

Mika Daime

Mika Daime isn’t only a pretty face and our 2019 FSL-League of Legends PH representative. If you’d heard her story, you will realize that she’s the true example of “never giving up” and “following your dreams no matter what.” If you need a little push to further your gaming career, you might learn a thing or two from this gal.

Steph Lagera

When you see Steph Lagera you’d automatically get the thought she’s the Dalagang Pilipina type but watch her as she breaks barriers when playing Mobile Legends! What are you waiting for head on to her channel right now!

Jhanelle Frances Trias

If you want to gain an insightful League of Legends experience, how about checking out Jhanelle Frances Trias? She’s the team captain and midlaner of Ardent Esports. And that’s not all! She’s also a Wargods Ambassadress and a model!

Alexa Asahina

Ambassadress? Model? Gamer? Who knows!! But we’re going all in. You can’t help but get attracted by Alexa Asahina with her sweet Japanese accent. Watch her as she tries out games like League of Legends and Tekken 7!


Here’s another rising female streamer you should look out for! Yisha is your typical cute and lovable gamer but her perseverance is what makes her even more fun to watch. She manages to always keep a smiling face and finishes the game head on! That’s girl power for you!

And that’s it for our weekly segment of Top 5 Rising Female Streamers to watch out for! And in case you missed our last week’s picks, you’re welcome to check them out right here!

If you want to be part of our streamers list and make your name be known throughout the gaming community, we’re just one click away! Show us your best games and give us a few reasons why you deserve a spot in our top 5! Good luck!

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