Summer break is about to end! So to make the most out of it, check out our Weekly Top 5 Funny Streamers who all guarantees to give you barrels of laughter!

Since summer is officially about to end, you’re probably cooped up at home. So if you want to maximize your “me” time, scrolling endlessly through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then you better check out for amazing and funny content! We have tons of streamers to watch. But we love the funny ones, am I right? So here are some of the rising funny streamers to watch out for!

Ako si Dogie

He’s the real deal! If you haven’t heard or seen or watch him, then you better do! Ako Si Dogie is one the most prominent streamers for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang right now. He can sound pretentious at times but hey, his skills speak for himself. He’s not just skilled but he’s also clever and amusing at the same time. No wonder both guys and gals love him that much.


Lorenz Azores Ebdani or Natsupie is one of Rumble Royale’s finest. Natuspie might look like your typical Mobile Legends: Bang Bang streamer. But no, he isn’t! He’s not bothered by the number of views, instead, he really works hard to make everyone happy.

A happy-go-lucky guy, Natsupie knows how to tickle everyone with his wit and personality. Everyone loves him for being himself and do we! Even in the middle of the game, he doesn’t forget his viewers and talks to them. Such a sweetheart, we know!

Papa B

Mga batla! Papa B all the way! The 25-year old Benj Alvarez is a full-time streamer who’s just simply outrageous. He doesn’t try that too hard because he’s that funny and hilarious. Watching his streams, both for League of Legends and Mobile Legends can really get you hyped and laughing in a minute. Even without the cute wigs and headdresses, Papa B gets us laughing from the simplest things of our gaming life. Papa B numbahwan, mga batla!

Tisay Gaming

Well, this gal ain’t a Filipina but Tisay Gaming can straight up speak Filipino so damn good. She’s half Italian and half Slovenian, if you’re curious. But despite her nationality, Tisay is a Filipina at heart. Even with a pretty face and sweet demeanor, Tisay’s good at first-person shooting games like Apex Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the likes. So if you’re looking for a whimsical, entertaining lady with mad shooting skills, then you better head to Tisay’s streams! (What’s not to love about her, right?)


Last but definitely not least, Mavsyyy makes it to our list! Maverick Ignacio, Rumble Royale’s resident funny streamer knows how to make us laugh with his personal commentary while playing. He usually plays and streams Mobile Legends: Bang Bang but he also plays PUBG. His honesty on his skills while playing the game adds to his fun personality. I mean, okay, depreciating humor can be a tad downer but Mavsyyy makes it fun so, win-win?

So, that’s it! These guys are owning it in the streaming industry and seriously giving us more fun than ever. Be sure to support our local streamers and watch them and talk to them if you have the chance. You’d definitely love them, I swear!

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