After 6 long years, Torte de Lini announces that he will be deleting all of his builds from Dota 2.

All players, either new or old, have always used the Standard Hero Build in Dota 2. Torte de Lini—that’s a name that resonates for a lot of Dota 2 players, back in the old days up until now. But apparently, the famous Torte de Lini standard builds would be no more.

Just recently, Michael Cohen or “Torte de Lini”, the famous Dota 2 hero build creator announced the end of his project. The Standard Hero Build project of Torte de Lini ran for over six years. It was indeed very consistent of him to do it, despite it being a free project for himself. He mentioned that he is ending his free guides project and has deleted all of his builds from Dota 2.

In the post on his website, Torte de Lini said he had achieved everything he wanted and “no longer feels motivated continuing this free project. As a person who’ve dedicated almost 10 years of volunteering and free service in the esports community and industry, he found himself stuck in crossroads. Whether to start asking for financial support to continue his responsibilities or move one to new ideas he wants to do. And we all now that he chose to move on from his free project. Aside from that, another reason for ending the project was because of all the negativity he’s getting. He feels like the negativity like discrediting, misinformation and personal attacks had been too much.

In speaking of moving to new heights, Torte de Lini trying new things with a lot of time in his hands. He will be hosting a small online Dota 2 show and will be announcing it soon.

So if you will miss out his Standard Hero Builds then you can go check out ImmortalFaith’s guides instead.

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