Dota 2 is a male-dominated industry. But still, girls are paving a way to make their own history. And so here are the Top Filipina Dota 2 Teams that are breaking through!

It’s hard to make out a career out of playing Dota 2. Especially for women. It’s an industry dominated by a large percentage of men. The idea of women being involved in esports somehow sounds superficial to some people. But Dota 2 is a neutral ground for all genders!

In the Philippines, it’s very rare to find girls playing Dota 2 in local computer shops. Majority of the public, even male players themselves tend to think that girls are not good at playing games. But they thought wrong. Because women are just as good as men, in terms of games. And we have our very own Filipina Dota 2 teams to prove haters wrong!


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The champions of Flight of the Valkyries, ArkAngel.Fe claimed their crowns as one of the best female teams out there. Not only in the Philippines but also in the whole SEA region. The team is made up of four Filipinas and one Singaporean player. Composed of Gillian “Gill” Lumberio, Meeri “Meeri” Mindajao, Czarina “Sashamae” Fernandez, Naomi “Naomi” Estilore, and Tay “Merody” Hui Chun. From the previous tournament, they’ve shown aggressiveness with their drafting and gameplay. With a unique and bold play style, topped with their team synergy, these ladies have shown that they are the girls that you don’t want to mess with. They weren’t crowned as champions for nothing!

Pacific Pink

A household name in the local Dota 2 community, Pacific has extended their arms to ladies for Dota 2. Pacific Pink is Pacific Esports’ female Dota 2 team and you might have heard of them, every now and then. The active roster is composed of Princess “Jaina” Pagsisihan, Maria “Baerida” Bensi, Kristine Joy “KJ” Berdano, Annejeleeke Cherrell “Sherry” Ho, and Johanna “Ligaya” Sta. Maria. Another top female Dota 2 team in the country, they’ve also had their fair share of victory. They won the Grand Finals of the previous Female Esports Asian Roundup in Malaysia. And just recently, they went head-to-head with their fellow Filipina team, ArkAngel in Flight of the Valkyries. You should watch out for these ladies in your ranked matches, they might be carrying your ass off in the game without knowing it.


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And lastly, we can’t ignore these ladies as well. Just like Pacific, Wargods had made a decision to showcase their own team of female Dota 2 players. Synergy88.WG is made up of Esperanza “Espie” Cabrera, Rhys Arielle “Rhys” Natividad, Kathleen “Keng” Mendoza, Katherine Myles “MissK” de Lara, and YS. A strong contender in female Dota 2 tournaments as well, they are making their own name in their own style. With a safe yet aggressive play style, Synergy88 knows when and how to make an epic entrance in team fights.

So if you ever get bored during your Red Days in Dota 2, better watch these ladies stream. You might learn something from them. Or if you’re grinding before the new calibration starts, then watch out, you might get them as your teammate. Better not trash talk them because these girls might be better than you. Go girls, slay!

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