Watching a streamer play your favorite game? Check! Watching them stream in cosplay? Double check! So take a look on who are the Top 5 Rising Cosplayer Streamers we’re all loving!

We heard you! Cosplaying and streaming is overkill, indeed. But we’re definitely charmed by cosplayer streamers who really puts up a great show for everyone. Not only they display their gaming skills but they awe us with their beauty and aesthetic. This goes to show how creative and spontaneous streamers can be!

So we’ve listed down cosplayer streamers that you’ll surely love. Be in awe with their skills and amazing cosplays too!


A passionate streamer, YannaBanana or as everyone calls her, Yanna-chan, is more than just her amazing cosplays. Aside from League of Legends, she also plays horror survival games. She usually refers to herself as a “streamer dreamer” despite the large fanbase she has. Humble and welcoming, you could say that Yanna-chan is indeed, Miss Congeniality!

Even when playing, she admits she’s not that good at certain League of Legends champions. And she asks and heeds the advice of her followers. (Aww!) You go, girl! Take note, her deadly League of Legends cosplays would leave you astonished!


Here’s another League of Legends player you should look out for. Minteal or Jane, a 21-year old cosplayer and streamer is off making a name for herself in the local streaming community. A support main, she’s as patient as she is skilled. She’s the support that everyone wants to play!

In addition to being a streamer and a gamer, she cosplays her favorite League of Legends champions most of the time. But you can also see her donning costumes of your favorite anime or movie characters too. If you want to see and learn how to play support in League, then watch her streams and you might be able to play with her too!


She’s got the skill, she’s got the looks! Charess is one of the notable cosplayer streamers right now. Even though she doesn’t often cosplay during her streams, she keeps her fans updated with her latest cosplay plans. But we’re definitely digging her 2B (Nier Automata) and Saber (Fate/Stay Night).

And we love how she sports her hair, dyed with red, loud and proud. We love a confident girl like her. So if you want an unfiltered yet fun stream of League of Legends, Mobile Legends and Rules of Survival, better head to Charess’ page!


A registered nurse, a passionate cosplayer and a certified gamer, LadymadeStar or Elyne is always at the top of her game. This TierOne AMPLFY talent hailing from Mindanao knows how to demonstrate her skills and entertain her fans at the same time.

While she does always play League of Legends, she ventures out to other games as well. Since gaming is more than MOBA and FPS games, she goes streaming RPG games like Final Fantasy. So if you’re looking for that top-notch gaming and cosplay content, LadymadeStar should be your go-to!

Pau Quinones

The girl wonder, Pau Quinones is a jack of all trades. From FPS games to MOBA, name it! She streams League of Legends, Rules of Survival, Apex Legends and Mobile Legends so there’s a lot to expect from her.

Even as a student, she juggles her studies, streaming and cosplaying like it’s a no-brainer. Hardworking indeed! So better check out what she has in store because it’s definitely a treat for everyone!

You better watch out for these ladies, y’all! Juggling cosplaying and streaming at the same time is quite a feat but they make it look so easy. So show some love and support our local cosplayer streamer and fall in love with their lovable personalities!

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