Dota 2 is a man’s world. But girls still run the world! We have the Top 5 Pinay Dota 2 Streamers dominating with brains, beauty, and brawns!

Who run the world? Girls! Yes, we do. Even in a male-dominated game, ladies are not getting left behind. There are a few female Dota 2 pro teams but there are a lot of Pinay Dota 2 streamers. And they are not just a pretty face, they got the brains and the muscles, too!

Streaming has been a thing nowadays, especially for Dota 2. Be it in Twitch, Nimo TV or on Facebook, Dota 2 streams won’t run out. I watch streams just to enjoy casual (and toxic) Dota 2 games. And it’s not just for pro players. It’s for everyone.  And when I say everyone, that includes the ladies.

So I listed the best and gorgeous Pinay Dota 2 streamers of our time! Tell you what, those pretty faces are deceiving because they play hard!

Alodia Gosiengfiao

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I bet everyone knows her! Alodia is one of the household names when it comes to gaming and cosplay. Dubbed as Philippines’ Queen of Cosplay, Alodia also ventures to gaming. She plays Dota 2 and PUBG, aside from her usual console games. Sometimes she plays while in her cosplay outfits.

Rain Zerlyn Manaig

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If you love in-depth streams, then Rain is your girl! She’s doesn’t just play for fun but she plays to learn. Watching her streams is like an automatic learning sesh about the ins and outs of Dota 2. She started as a shoutcaster but proved that she’s more than that. Her quick wits and observations makes her one of the best Filipino Dota analysts. She’s not called Stat Girl Rain for nothing!

Lhea Lei Pelaez

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You might be curious who she might be. Well, she’s none other than MineskiTV’s very own caster, Yasumeow! She’s a full-blown gamer and is known for her “Hugot” casting. Yasu streams from time to time and shows Dota 2 in a different light. Dota 2 might seem a bit confusing at first, but watching Yasu, she makes it more public friendly. She cosplays too! What a girl, right?

Kang Dupet

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And we have another cosplayer slash gamer here! Kang, like Alodia, streams Dota 2 in her cosplay outfits. She’s really cute when playing, especially when she screams. Kang is very candid and she’s not shy to get crazy while playing. Way to go, Kang!

Lorelyn Aledo

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And last but not the least, our very own Mayora Lorelyn! This trash-talking darling is our spirit animal! When Mayora plays Dota 2 with fans (yes, she does!), it gets really crazy. Mayora Lorelyn is really close to her fans and their interaction is golden. She has her own gaming community group called Trap Door Gaming where all fans get to play with each other.

Dota 2 has never been fun. And these amazing ladies adds that missing spice we’re looking for. Who says girls can’t play the game. We think not! Yay, girl power!

Who’s your favorite among our Top 5 Female Dota 2 Streamers? Have you played against them? Do leave a comment down below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh