With the number of great streamers increasing in number, you can never say that you don’t have a favorite, right? So let’s take a quick look back on our Top 5 All-Time Favorite Game Streamers who made the community bearable and entertaining.

To be honest, even before streaming became a hype, there’s a sh*t ton of people who made the gaming community a whole lot entertaining. You could find lots of streamers now. From different platforms playing different games with different fun and quirky personalities. They’ve been always there, providing us the best gaming experience and of course, interacting with us during gaming conventions and tournaments. Even up until now, they never fail to give us the best gaming entertainment. So here’s our all-time favorites that we still love up until now!


Bianca Yao or Biancake has been a long-time gaming personality, even before the boom of streamers in the community. Apart from being the face and ambassadress of several gaming organizations, Biancake plays as well. She’s quite known for playing Dota and up until now, she still plays. Most guys often look down on girl gamers way back before. But Biancake was one of the girls who prove them wrong when they clash into her while playing Dota with her.

Even today, she still shows that feisty girl gamer persona she has. And aside from Dota, she plays Mobile Legends too. She can play any role and don’t underestimate her. She can get into your skin during the game. Note to guys: don’t trashtalk Biancake, she can and will bite back if necessary. Also, she’s badass as hell! You don’t want to taste the badass slice of Biancake laced with poison in game, right?

Ann B. Mateo

And here’s another all-time favorite! Aside from Biancake, Ann made a name for herself from then up until now. She became a personality almost the same time with Biancake. And whether you believe it or not, she plays so damn good. Right now, she streams Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and other FPS or survival games. But don’t let that pretty face fool you, she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve that would surely surprise you.

She’s been a favorite gaming personality by many. And I guess it shows ’cause she’s got the skills, the charm, and the face. And no wonder, people love her. She’s true to herself and even fans know that she’s a strong lady with a beautiful heart.


Okay, we all have to admit that we love Cer Mike from WomboxCombo. Being one of the prominent faces of WxC, fans are taking Cer Mike seriously as we witness the growth in his Dota 2 plays. Even for a kid, he’s not shy to show his failures and tries his best to perform at tip-top shape. Aside from that, he loves interacting with viewers and his audience. As fun as the whole WxC team is, Cer Mike delivers that raw Dota 2 gameplay that shows the journey of a normal Dota 2 player in the local community.

And personally, I love watching Cer.Mike plays. Even though some people make fun of him, he’s true to himself. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and plays by it. We’re looking forward to his journey to well, uhm, Immortal rank, I guess! (Still, we love you Cer.Mike!)

Gloco Gaming

If you don’t know who Gloco is, shame on you! (Just kidding!) But hey, Gloco has been one of the prominent and consistent gamer streamers in the industry for so long. Starting from Youtube, Gloco garnered attention from playing tons of games. From online computer games up to gaming console games and survival games. And the thing is, Gloco shows his true self.

Even as a self-proclaimed “weeb”, he still catches our eye and provides entertaining content. A lot of us can relate to him, especially with loving anime and games. And of course, he has a great sense of humor. We love a man of great humor!

Coach BYB

Even with the mistakes he made in the past, Coach BYB proves that you can still be successful at your own terms. After the unfortunate incident with Valve, Mark Gavin turned his fate of being a fully-fledged professional player to being a game analyst in the local community. Despite that, he became an inspiration for a lot of people to pursue their career, either it’s in streaming or playing as a professional player.

But make no mistakes, even though Coach BYB isn’t a professional player, he’s an enemy to be feared. At Immortal Rank 572, he still proves that his skills are top-notch. I’ve seen a friend played with him once in Battlecup with Bimbo, and yes, it was unsightly for my friend. Coach BYB shows he owns the game and he can bring the best out of the people he plays with.

These guys are still the best streamers for all-time. They’re soaring high at the momentum they’ve made and surely bringing the best of gaming. If you missed them just like I do, be sure to check out their pages and watch them again for old time’s sake.

What can you say about our Top 5 All-Time Favorite Game Streamers? Who are your favorite streamers who’ve managed to crawl their way up to the top? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.