It looks like TNC is on a roll bagging win after win. Now, they’ve also claimed the champion title in the MDL Chengdu Major 2019! Find out more here:

On Sunday, TNC Predator managed to pull off an amazing win 3-1 against the Chinese Dota 2 powerhouse team, Vici Gaming, in the Chengdu Major grand finals, taking home 300,000 USD and 4850 DPC points to their name. And that’s not all, with this win at their hand, they’ve become the first Filipino team to win a Valve Major!

Using the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) criteria: “at least 3 players from a team need to be from the same country to consider them as national representatives.” It’s become a shock to many considering TNC was able to beat the long-time Major winner, Vici Gaming.

TNC vs Vici

TNC is known for their early aggression tactic in competitions and they made sure Vici Gaming was well aware of that. Game 1 saw Gabbi and Armel playing with the ViCi Gaming lineup by acquiring multiple kills and farming themselves until a 10k gold lead by the 23-minute mark. Needless to say, the first game was an easy win for our representatives.

TNC got their hands on the deadly Morph-Earthshaker combo with Gabbi manning the carry hero and of course, Tims’ ever-reliable support skills, taking Game 2 by storm.

However, Vici Gaming wasn’t backing down on Game 3, showing TNC a thing or two with Eurus’ Nightstalker and Dy’s KOTL.

With Vici Gaming holding on a very thin thread, the fourth game was very crucial for them but TNC wasn’t letting them get any of it. TNC picked up the Morphling-Earthshaker combo once again but this time pairing it with Disruptor and Naga Siren. Despite Vici Gaming making it look like they had the upper hand in the early game, TNC compensated with some great team fights and amazing Song of the Siren-Static Storm combos.

TNC on the roll

Last October, the newly regrouped TNC had their first major competition as a team during ESL One 2019. and for sure they did not disappoint after only being together in a short period yet claiming the title.

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TNC Predator WESG SEA 2019 winners

And just recently, TNC became our WESG SEA champs and are currently on their way to participate in the WESG 2019: World Finals. Be sure to support them as they achieve more glory for the Philippines. We can only expect TNC to go no way but up! Agree?

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