Tough luck for Filipino fans out there. TNC gets eliminated in the Chongqing Major after their match against Team Liquid.

Unfortunately, the Chongqing Major hasn’t been good to TNC that much. After having their offlaner, Carlo “Kuku” Palad benched for the tournament, it hasn’t been the same. Despite that, the team managed to have Ryo “ryOyr” Hasegawa to fill in for Kuku even at a short notice. But it seemed to have affected the team’s performance throughout the whole Major.

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Fans are expecting TNC to finish the Major in 5th – 6th place, just like before in Kuala Lumpur Major. However, it seemed that TNC didn’t have much luck in the Chongqing Major.

And just right after being seeded to the Lower Brackets after the Group Stage, everyone knew that it will be a tough journey for TNC. They managed to defeat Team Aster in the Lower Bracket best-of-one series. However, right after that, they once again faced a powerhouse team, Team Liquid. And they lost 2 – 0 against them.

TNC Loses to Team Liquid

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The team managed to beat Team Liquid before in other tournaments, numerous times. But despite being their aggressive selves in the match against Liquid, TNC imploded. During Game 1, they took the upper hand and managed to upset Team Liquid with their aggressive play style.

Everyone knows TNC loves to play aggressively during the early game. This allows them to take advantage of their gold lead and experience lead as well. But in Game 1, they’ve had bad clashes once the game hit the 25-minute mark. Team Liquid began to catch up and with only Gabbi‘s Juggernaut having enough damage dealt, TNC’s heroes became pretty much ineffective against Liquid. Armel‘s Kunkka caught himself in Liquid’s dominance, as well as ryOyr‘s Timbersaw. Though Tim‘s Tusk and ninjaboogie‘s Lich has still skills to make up for the lacking damage, Liquid was able to counter them in terms of items. And in a similar manner, Matumbaman‘s Razor and shadow‘s Terrorblade was able to come online as the game dragged on.

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And it was the same with Game 2. TNC doesn’t have enough damage output all in all. Even Gabbi’s Void proved to be ineffective as well. Liquid has a well-balanced lineup that can still withstand even until the late game. But TNC, having a good set of heroes, wasn’t able to optimize them to their fullest potential. Gh‘s Io was able to sustain Liquid against TNC’s damage. And MinD_contRoL‘s Dark Seer gave TNC’s clashes an abrupt stop as well.

The team wasn’t able to force out a Game 3, ending their run in the Chongqing Major. But despite a short run in the Major, TNC fought really well and showed us their resilience despite adversary. Can’t really say this was their best but they definitely did what they can during their games. Everyone’s hoping to see Kuku back for the next tournaments to come.

TNC places 12th in the Chongqing Major. They will take home $15,000 and 150 DPC points. Good game boys, you’ve played well.

So far, we still have Fnatic on the run with Filipinos’ Abed and DJ. They’ll be taking up Liquid in the next round.

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