She may not be from around here but Karolina a.k.a SpiceGirl K. definitely captured hearts from being a streamer!

Karolina Majoravičiūtė or Karolina is a 22-year old Lithuanian national living in the country. For over a year, she’s been a game video content creator and streamer under the banner of Rumble Royale. Aside from being a streamer, she’s also a professional model. Despite her sophisticated and intimidating European features, she’s a funny and quirky gal you’d love to hang out with.

And we have receipts to prove how fun she can be! Here’s the full interview of Karolina or Spicegirl K at Neutral Grounds as we get to know her life behind the monitor.

Karolina started playing at a young age. You can definitely call her one of the boys, as she’s the only girl within the band of her sibling brothers. She turned to play console and computer games during her life in Lithuania. Eventually, it caught up with her until she got older.

How she ended up in the Philippines

Surprisingly, she said that she stayed in the Philippines for love. Apparently, she got a modeling gig and flew to the Philippines. She did plan on going home but she found herself falling in love with her current boyfriend. She found a reason to stay in the country and somehow, that’s how she started her streaming career.

Karolina would just play games all day long. And with the current boom in the local streaming community, her boyfriend suggested that she should stream her games as well. Right there and then, she started streaming whenever she played League of Legends matches. Up until her fanbase grew and got signed under Rumble Royale, her boyfriend supports her streaming career. Aside from League, she also streams Rules of Survival, Overwatch and just recently, Mobile Legends as well.

So far, her streamer career’s booming. All thanks to the love of her life. Ever since day one up until now, they’ve been together and getting stronger. (We’re jealous!) And if you’ve been following Karolina, you’ve probably seen her man lounging around with her during her live streams!

Karolina and her life behind the monitor

As mentioned, she models as her “day job”. She usually models for fashion retail brands like Jag Jeans. But there’s more to Karolina than being the gorgeous and sophisticated lady she poses in her streams and pages.

To be perfectly honest, the team was quite nervous to meet Karolina. She seemed so poised, cosmopolitan and regal. But as we get to know her, she’s much more talkative in person. Karolina’s super approachable and whimsical. When she’s not playing or modeling, she’s just at home lounging. If not drinking beer, she’d probably be watching Netflix and just chilling. She’s a home buddy herself.

Of course, how can we forget that she has 4 adorable dogs at home? She named three of them to League of Legends champs. Her furbabies keep her company at home when she’s free from streaming and playing. They’re really close as they usually try to get Karolina’s attention whenever she plays. So cute!

Experiences as a female gamer and streamer

Of course, being a streamer has it’s downsides too. Sometimes, viewers ask Karolina to smile more often during streams. Not that she hates it though as she loves interacting with her viewers. But as a gamer, she takes pride in her skills and distractions like asking her to smile makes her lose her groove in the game. According to her, she might not be the best player out there, but she really wants to show off her skills.

Not only that, she’s no stranger to rude people too. More often than not, she receives random sexual and rude messages from viewers and other people. Of course, they can be demeaning, especially for a girl herself. Even though she tries to keep a straight face, it’s quite offending to receive those kinds of messages. But instead of getting mad, Karolina tries to deal with them with maturity. Since most of the rude messages come from kids, she usually ignores it or sometimes snaps with a witty remark, leaving them speechless of course.

Not once did she try to be rude. Especially since she’s dealing with people who might be just looking to ruin someone’s day. But hey, that’s how it usually goes. Eventually, these people would stop. And if they won’t, all they can do is hide in the shadows of their social media accounts. (Karolina’s so strong!)

The streaming industry might have its bad sides. But Karolina’s stronger than that. And if you want to see her stream and, if you’re lucky enough, play with her, then be sure to stop by her page! Stat!

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