I am personally a fan of live music sessions, especially when they try to showcase different sides to artists that we seldom hear on their records or see on TV or shows.

Let me give you few examples of my favorite live sessions! This one is a cover of a loved Bob Marley song sung by  Allen Stone – one of the most underrated artists… EVER! I mean, after hearing this version, I didn’t want to hear any other version of “Is This Love”. (Watch:  Is This Love – Allen Stone – Live From His Mother’s Living Room)

Bruno Mars’ performing “All I Ask” originally by Adele (which he wrote, by the way!) has got to be another favorite live session. (Watch: Bruno Mars covers Adele’s All I Ask in the Live Lounge)

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Youtube is Awesome AF

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Ever since digital media has emerged, some people knew that it would change the landscape of music entirely. Few years into the growth of the digital era, some artists feel that piracy has become rampant because it was so easy to upload and download tracks because, before, you can only listen to a track if you buy the record.

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Come 2017 and it is no question that digital media has taken over the world. It’s either you ride or you die. Even an everyday person who can sing are able to find their audience without the help of a bigger music institution.

Case in point – Youtube! I’ve always been a fan of youtube videos – from Nigahiga skits, to Wongfu short films, AJ Rafael song covers, and such. Youtube was actually my main influence as to why I studied filmmaking; and I knew from there that digital content is going to be a game- changer.

Also, Youtube has already proven its significance for today’s generation of musicians. We could thank this platform for the emergence of our notable musicians with the likes of Tori Kelly, Halsey, Daniela Andrade, Cody Simpson, Troye Sivan, Boyce Avenue and, Justin Bieber.

It wasn’t that long for local artists to catch the trend of creating digital content to promote yourself or your craft. And so I want to share to you the list of local filipino artists, event productions, and personalities with great digital content that you need to check out!

First up is,

Reese Lansangan

We talked to Reese Lansangan recently during a gig and she definitely agreed that it is a great time for independent artists having so much platform to promote and distribute digitally. Reese has been one of the remarkable independent artists today who we very-well praise for her persistence in promoting herself and her music.

Besides her music videos and her original songs from her first album, “Arigato Internet” (which you should buy!). Reese lets us see a glimpse of her travels, her recent adventures, and even her own interpretation or covers of songs by other local artists.

Reese can totally write about anything from space, grammar, love, and my favorite, losing things… such as her laptop.


Agsunta is a promising independent band who you might know as featured artists in Alden Richards’ recording of “How Great is Our God”. Or if not, you’ve probably caught them in few mall gigs or maybe around gig venues all over the Metro.

They are known for their #AgsuntaSongRequests where they take OPM song suggestions from fans and they upload the video on their Youtube.

If you are an OPM fan then you have to check them out!

Rizza Cabrera

“I write songs and make shitty vlogs” is Rizza’s description but I find her vlogs quite entertaining (being such an introvert myself) so high five!

Everyone does covers now but Rizza has an entire playlist for her original songs and it’s quite a lot! Here’s her latest one!

And if you liked her songs, you might check her gigs out!

(The next three features series of artists on their accounts!)

Stages Sessions

You’ve probably seen some of our features on our friends from Stages Sessions and their current project – The Gig Circuit.

But other than the Gig Circuit, I must give it to Stages Session because not only do they put on such great shows for the artists and fans, but they also have great video content. They remind me of few successful international live sessions such as Mahogany Sessions. I sure hope that they continue bringing new content because more audience will surely catch on to it very soon!

Stages Sessions has been known for their live sessions over at Coffee Bean, BGC. Check out this amazing mash up of Francis Magalona’s “Kaleidoscope World” and John Lennon’s “Imagine”, featuring some of the Stages Talents – such as Sam Concepcion, Bullet Dumas, and Christian Bautista.

I kind of wish that more productions will venture into live sessions to somehow challenge the artists to constantly bring in something new for their audience.

Tower of Doom

If you are really into OPM then you might have heard of Tower of Doom! They upload official music videos, behind the scene footage, and of course live sessions with various OPM artists which they call “Tower Sessions”.

They usually feature known OPM band legends such as Kamikazee, Franco, UDD, and a lot more!

Here’s one Tower Session I really like – you’re probably not familiar with the band but WATCH

Wish 107.5 FM

Radio show on a bus! Wish 107.5 FM has been known for the “Roadshow” which is literally the only radio show on wheels. I’ve actually been inside the Wish Bus and it is COOL.

They actually invite different types of artists from TV personalities, international acts, bands, independent artsits, and they let them sing live on the radio show and they upload them as “Wishclusive” videos. And by the way, they upload new Wishclusive videos everyday!

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Wish has recently gained 1Million subscribers on their Youtube!

Moira Dela Torre

You might know Moira Dela Torre from the hit singing contest “The Voice of the Philippines” or you might heard one of her songs from the blockbuster movie “Camp Sawi”, but you might agree that she has got to be one of the most talented female singers we have today.

Just check out how she takes an EDM song and interpret it in a whole different way!

Joyce Pring

I mean we all probably know Joyce Pring. She just recently made a new Youtube account and I must say, for a personality who is constantly on the spotlight, and with such a huge online presence, her newest vlog is a rare glimpse of Joyce in the raw.

Would you expect a “raw-unadulterated-piano-playing-and-vlog-making” from other celebrities? No. Just Joyce Pring!

DJ Ron Poe

The nightlife has got to be one of the most exciting scene in the Metro today but besides the clubs, booze, and dance music, we are quite curious about the artists that make your night unforgettable and wild.

We know Ron Poe as a DJ, tattoo artist, entrepreneur, endorser, among many other things. We also did a feature on him for #AfterPartyPresents if you want to find out more about him!

DJ Ron Poe has also got the knack for filming and editing, he actually have a collection of gears that he showed us during #AfterPartyPresents. Get to know more about Ron Poe’s gigs, travels, music, and pets by watching his vlogs, music bootlegs and event videos!

Here’s one where he commissioned Makati Blue Cavaliers Marching Band to perform the opening song for one of his shows. Yup, a marching band.

Special Mention!

Our very own,

Meek Resngit

Our official host, Meek, actually does her own vlogs as well! Check her out if you want a closer look on different gigs and events!

Here one where you will see the our events, our HQ (and me)!

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