Started from the bottom now we’re here~ Who is this Dota 2 beast from Team Fnatic?

After the disbandment of Fnatic following their The International 2019 run, calls for a new roster of their team. With only a few of the original members left, what would become of Fnatic?

Unexpectedly, this change of players turned out well for them as their newest carry, 23savage, appears to be a promising player. Will he be able to lead Fnatic to The International next year?

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Main Stand

Nuengnara Teeramahano or better known as “23savage” replaced Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong as Fnatic’s Position 1 player. He’s of Thai-descent and until recently, a pub star of Dota 2. Before coming to Fnatic, he only played for smaller teams like Alpha Blue, Reaper, MSCerberus and Team Jinesbrus. Despite only making a name for himself now, he proves to be a player to look out for.

The next Topson?

It’s already a fact among the Dota 2 community that before playing for OG, Topson was just your average guy playing some games. But overnight, he became a two-time TI champion. With that being said, many are believing 23savage might just follow the footsteps of Topson.

In an interview, 23savage said: “I first calibrated at 3800 MMR… but when I hit rank 1000, I realised that I could do this for a living. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else would?”

23savage is known for his signature hero, Morphling. During the Closed Qualifiers of the Chengdu Major, he wasn’t able to play his favorite hero but was still capable of using other heroes with mastery, which stunned many.

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Knowing his potential, 23savage still keeps his foot on the ground. When asked what he could advise to other aspiring Dota 2 players out there, he simply said:

“You need to work hard and practice harder than anybody. The most important thing is to ignore the haters and believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else would?”

Considering he is only 17 years old, we can only expect much more from 23savage. Alongside Dota 2 veterans such as “iceiceice”, “DJ”, and “Jabz”, he will be surely a revered opponent by many. And surely, we’ll be seeing them very soon in The International next year. So until then, one question remains, what would become of this genius kid and Team Fnatic?

Check out one of 23savage’s best Morphling plays right here:

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