It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Filipino people. But it’s good to see so many good citizens rising up to the challenge, helping the community in any way they could.

Gariath Concepts, one of the leading companies in the country that organize Esports events, stepped up the helping game.

‘Care Crate’


Not all gaming companies have the luxury to put up a livestreamed fundraising tournament. Goriath Concepts is of those Esports companies whose operations have been limited by the government’s measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the country. “Our studio is located in a mall, and with the ECQ rules being very clear, we can’t operate within our studio,” they said in a statement.

However, the challenges did not prevent them from taking part in this collective move to help one another get through this crisis. With the resources they have, they came up with ‘Care Crate,’ an online bidding event where items like gaming gears and gadgets coming from generous donating bodies will be put up for auction. Proceeds will go to UP Medical Foundation Inc., front line health workers, and our countrymen who lost their jobs due to ECQ.

The event will happen on Gariath Concepts’ official Facebook page on the dates April 8, 12, and 15, 2020. The bidding will be carried out the usual way, where prices will be established by the auctioneer and bidders will compete in offering the highest amount of cash they’re willing to pay for the item. For more details on the rules and mechanics, check out this post by Gariath Concepts.


Some brand-new items to look forward to


Items to be auctioned have been donated by brands, professional Esports players, leagues, and some other big names in the gaming industry. So far, Gariath Concepts has received the following sponsored items:

– 2 iphone X Units from Smart
– Legion by Lenovo – peripherals, gaming monitor
– MSI – gaming monitor, CM chassis, and other MSI branded items
– Eon – 2 HP printers
– Pops by Comic Odyssey – limited-edition funk-pop toys

It is interesting to see even the gaming and esports industry extending a helping hand to the ones who need it the most. It’s also worth-nothing that this unique and cool initative by Gariath Concepts benefits not only the benefactor but also the donor. We, at UdoU, wish nothing but success to their team! 

Are you ready to join the bidding tomorrow?

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