It looks like Jungkook of the Korean idol group, BTS, isn’t only good at singing and dancing but as well as gaming! Catch his amazing Overwatch skills right here!

On Thursday, news of Jungkook’s crazy Overwatch skills flooded Twitter. The Korean pop star Jungkook simply wanted to share with the world his Overwatch plays but many noticed he wasn’t just your average player.


Although it’s normal for idols to update their fanbase with announcements and events, no one expected the bomb Jungkook dropped. And that’s exactly what he did and people just couldn’t get enough of it.

As of now, the 17-second clip has garnered over 1 million likes, has been retweeted over 323, 000 times, and has acquired over 5 million views.

From what you can see in the video, Jungkook showing off his outrageous gameplay using Widowmaker and her deadly Widow’s Kiss sniper rifle with the caption: “After a long time”.

And in just a blink of an eye, the K-Pop star blasted three opponents with some jaw-dropping movements, leaving many of his fans (including us) suggesting to consider esports as his fallback profession. Well, can you blame us?! See it for yourself!

Gaming career?

You might say we’re just exaggerating when it comes to Jungkook’s Overwatch skill, however, he just received a big thumbs up from the head coach of the Los Angeles Gladiator’s, a professional Overwatch esports team, David Pei.

With a simple reply of “He’s kinda insane actually” is all we needed to validate Jungkook’s high level of playing Overwatch.

But don’t get your hopes up! We won’t be seeing Jungkook in the esports scene anytime soon. However, we may catch him starting to stream his games for us to watch!

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