BAYANI: Kanino Ka Kakampi? is right in the corner and will welcome 2019 with a bang. But what do we know of its creator? What do we know of ARTony’s world of heroes?

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The newest fighting game, BAYANI: Kanino Ka Kakampi? is starting to hype every fighting game community out there. It’s a huge step for Filipino game developers since it will be the first Filipino commercial fighting game in Steam. But do you know how BAYANI started out? Or who is ARTony, the man behind the heroes in the game?


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Arch. Anthony Dacayo II or ARTony, his pseudonym, is an architect by day, an illustrator by night, (if you catch our drift). He’s a professional architect who spends his free time illustrating that is Filipino-inspired.

As an architect, he specializes in technical drawing and spatial design. But he does “illustrations on the side to relax from the stress of Architectural Design”. His art is a mix of cartoonic!

He’s divulged us that his biggest inspirations in art were Pol Medina Jr. and Genndy Tartakovsky. Aside from anime and Marvel(of course), ARTony was able to mold his own art style because of these two iconic artists.

Medina was once an Architect turned Komikero, which makes him very close to ARTony’s heart. Aside from the spot on the humor of his Pugad Baboy series, he loves the details in Medina puts in every panel. On the other hand, he loves Tartakovsky’s colors and the way he creates his trademark Characters- specifically Dexter’s Lab. This actually helped him in creating his own style and flavor.

BAYANI’s history

He started BAYANI as a series of parody illustrations of our national heroes as fighting game characters. It’s inspired of Adult Swim’s Bible Fight, a flash fighting game, but he incorporated trivial facts into the skills, personalities, and backstory of the characters. He really wanted his illustrations to be in a game but he got no contacts from game developers. So he opted for LIKES in Facebook instead.

BUT when the movie Heneral Luna caused a huge uproar, his illustrations went viral as well. During that time, the historical inspiration of his Bayanis caught the eye of Ranida Games, a local game developer. And from then on, BAYANI: Kanino Ka Kakampi? was born.

But ARTony is actually more than what we know. His art just gets waaaaay more interesting once you get to know the world of heroes he has built. BAYANI was more than a game to ARTony. It was an ideal—something way more beyond than fame and fortune.

Every game has its mission and vision. It’s not just fame and fortune, likes and shares. But It’s always more than that. What is your goal with BAYANI?

Our goal was really to make history more appealing to the younger generations. I mean, honestly, I myself wasn’t a history buff back then but as I grow old I kinda realized how important it is, so why not make it more interesting.
Their creation was the epitome of our National Heroes as to what they have done and what they have become—skills and all. Example, Joe who is a fencer which we all know Rizal was a great fencer or Dre having a Bolo and a revolver because that is how we remember him but since he was ordered to be killed why not revive him as an undead soldier.
These trivial stuffs will help make the viewer more interested in history and inspire them to read and learn. Remember how our teachers tell us when we try to review for our exams make it interesting to help us remember it easily. Bayani is like that. A History Textbook translated into something the younger generations can relate to – a Fighting Game.

Creating a world of your own can be exhausting. It can be draining, especially for your creative juices. But it can still be fun. So what’s the most fun part of making BAYANI?

Actually the WHOLE Universe itself. I mean the characters are just one thing, we also designed the stages which involves real locations in the Philippines that is related to the characters also. We also have the spectators or the citizens of that universe. And the fun and hard times of translating the conceptual skills into actual computer game command.
Ranida to me is not just a partner. They have become my friends and part of the Bayani Family. And sharing our common goals for the fulfillment of the game is what made it even more exciting and promising. And as we continue to move forward, the family gets bigger and bigger every time and it helps build a community especially in the gaming industry.

Check out his early illustrations of some of the characters of BAYANI below!

We’ve seen the trailers and it is very compelling. We’re hooked. What can we expect from the game once we get to play it? What are your future endeavors for BAYANI?

The game will definitely feel nostalgic but at the same time brand new. I mean we wanted it to be the First Fighting Game developed by an All Filipino Team (down to the very last man doing the dishes 😉 ) so we want to showcase what we can really do. Since we are also launching it on Steam as Early Access & soon on Kickstarter we also want to engage other gamers to help us improve on it too.
A lot of the game improvements came from gamers and we’re really grateful to everyone. More stages will be added and a big roster of characters including secret ones (hush hush!). There will also be Relics that is unique to our game because these items help you build your knowledge on the Trivial Facts on each hero and their actual historical counterpart. These items will also be essential in unlocking certain parts of the game which will be part of future updates. Nevertheless, it’s success will really depend on the Filipinos and other gamers that will help us push and complete the project.
Bayani is just one game in a sea of rising Pinoy Game Developers but if we can help others to be inspired that we can do it and be better with it then we have gone over and beyond goals. And this for me is far more important than just putting a game out (earn from it) and play it then that’s it. Helping build the community is what really makes the industry flourish. So why be selfish. Tanong nga ni Heneral Luna sa pelikula: “Bayan o Sarili?!” syempre BAYAN!
Trailers are here, guys!

There are a lot of artists who are pursuing their art careers, like our Mr. Budgette Tan and Mr. Kajo Baldisimo of Trese. What’s the best advice you can give to the newbies as illustrators who’ve now reached a new milestone in their career?

I know everybody is trying to do their best in whatever driving force they are going thru out there, but there are 3 things I learned from doing Bayani as my guiding compass – Always remain good, stay humble and never stop learning.

And that’s a wrap, guys! That’s ARTony and the world of heroes he has created. Be sure to be a backer on their Kickstarter launch here! You’ll also get the demo once you became a backer so be one NOW! Take part as we make history with BAYANI: Kanino Ka Kakampi? because this is something to watch out for!

Check out ARTony’s Facebook page to see more of BAYANI’s content! Support and show some love there, guys!

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