ENCORE FEATURE: Ang Ospital Game Review

Just like our favorite horror survival games, Ang Ospital reels us in with a reality that all we can do is run.

Ang Ospital is as dreadful as it can be. For someone who’s not a fan of horror-survival games, I can attest its honest-to-goodness entertainment value. It isn’t a game of skill. It’s more like a game of courage and wit. You don’t have to be mechanically gifted to learn ins and outs of it. What you need is the courage to push through in the dark with no weapons on hand.

Even being just a few minutes into the game, you’d feel the fright creeping in. It clings to your nerves, especially with the disturbing sound effects playing on the background. I kind of regret having a good quality of headphones as it really scared me witless. But what really scared me was just hearing the heartbeat of the character I’m playing. It gives you a feel of being in the shoes of the protagonist, Kate. In a similar manner, it leaves you with the sense of being in danger and helpless in an abandoned hospital in the dead of night.

Want proof of how fear-inducing Ang Ospital is? Check out the video of when I played it below!

The hospital horrors

Ang Ospital follows the story of Kate who explores an abandoned asylum. According to Underdog Games, the game developers, Kate used to be abused by her father. Aside from that, she developed nyctophobia or the fear of the dark in the process. As Kate, your objective is to escape the asylum with nothing but yourself and your trusty flashlight on hand. And you’d have to fight your way out of the asylum, encountering various zombie-like patients that are out to get you.

In the beta, you can explore five different locations of the said asylum. Every chapter features an introduction feature of the story itself. It’s more of a conversation-type of narrative where Kate interacts with different characters that further the storyline.

The enemies in the game are worth mentioning as well. Enemies or patients are chosen strategically. And they even come with graphic yet intriguing background stories. It discusses what kind of patient they were and why they were confined. At the same time, reading the patient’s files gives you tips on how to deal with them. So it’s a win-win.

Truth to be told, Ang Ospital’s storyline still has room for improvement. However, since it’s still in its development stages, I guess that could be overlooked. I mean, the game has established a good story foundation. Kate’s story shows potential for sure. All that’s left is to polish it up and keep the people reeled in.


Notably, Ang Ospital shares the same gameplay or mechanics like other horror-survival games in the market. All you can do is run, hide and run. Which is actually a good thing. It’s easy to learn and to remember. Like I’ve mentioned before, it isn’t a game of skill. You don’t have to master anything gameplay or mechanics-related. Just be wise enough in deciding what to do and how to do things inside the game.

It’s an objective-based game, so you need to be aware of your surroundings. Being wary and observant comes with fear. Sometimes, you’ll just feel lost into the game and forget the objectives at the top corner left of the screen. Nevertheless, the objectives guide you to escape the location you are currently at. And to be perfectly honest, you’ll badly need the tips and guide you can get. Even for a small location, it will feel so big.

Speaking of Kate’s nyctophobia, it kicks into her system quite often in the game. You’d see your vision blurring, causing glitch-like effects. It’s accompanied by her heavy breathing and fast-pounding heartbeat. And all I can say is that the anxiety induced by those things can cause you to falter under pressure and fear during the game. Well, played, Underdog Games, well played. You’ve just made me fear the dark. (Kidding!)

Art and Inspirations

I guess it’s very obvious that Ang Ospital is influenced by Outlast. Gameplay-wise, most of its mechanics derives from Outlast itself. The lack of weapons screams Outlast if you know what I mean. They’ve added some sanity features just like Amnesia. Specifically, the sanity feature proves itself to be useful when you explore in the dark.

The art and overall graphic design of Ang Ospital are superb. It’s realistic as it can be. In no way did the graphics and animation team compromised the quality of the art, especially for the enemies. It might look simple at first, but every design in the game showcases a certain personality or feel. Even the environment and location oozes with that certain kind of horror that’s unique to Ang Ospital.

Ang Ospital shows great potential in the long run. Despite the lacking meat and grit in the storyline, the ambiance and atmosphere it creates reels you in for more. The scare and fright might not be carefully told through an intriguing narrative as of now. But the mystery and lack of information worked its way to charm us with the unexpected. The perfect ingredients in a horror-survival concoction, ignorance, and unpredictability.

Like mentioned before, Ang Ospital is still just in its beta testing period. But despite that, Underdog Games demonstrated how a horror-survival game would be like if it’s set in the country. And definitely, they’ve delivered the fright we’re all looking for. It’s still a long way for Ang Ospital but we’re ready once it hits its full version!

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