Riding the waves of their fame and glory, Akosi Dogie along with the Aether boys releases their new song, ‘LGGM’!

From streamers, gamers, vlogger and now to being a musician, Akosi Dogie and Weigibbor Labos takes their career to new heights. A few hours ago, they released the lyric video of their song, ‘LGGM’. And in just a matter of hours, the official lyric video skyrocketed to #15 spot Trending on Youtube.

In case you’re wondering, Akosi Dogie has been a long-time prominent gaming personality in the local community. Same goes with Weigibbor Labos. The two of them became a team as part of Aether, a Mobile Legends team they created. Aside from their gaming content, they became well known for their vlogs. Which explains the fast climb of the song on Youtube’s charts.

But putting that aside, the song isn’t half as bad as other people think it is.

‘LGGM’ or ‘Laging Galit, Gustong Manakit’ overflows with hip-hop rap overtones. Like your all-time favorite Pinoy hip-hop street songs. Dogie and Weigibbor collaborated with King Promdi in this song. Which explains the well-versed lyrics and catchy instrumentals. It does sound a bit oversoaked with effects but nothing to be bothered about it. The rawness and flaws add flair to the song either way. And somehow works to their advantage.

Frankly, the song ain’t perfect, production-wise. But the imperfections present just makes it more loveable to the general public. Especially to the community that Dogie, Weigibbor and King Promdi has. For amateur producers, they really outdid themselves here.

What can you say about LGGM by Ako si Dogie feat. Weigibbor Labor and King Promdi released? Do you think he will be venturing to music this time? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.