Crazy for the weekend? We got you covered with plentiful gaming content from our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers!

The week isn’t over without our weekly fix of worthwhile gaming content. It has been a stressful for week for some. But to cancel out the bad vibes and heavy tension from work and school, we’ve listed our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers worth checking out. You’ll never know but they might be your next best gaming content fix despite the busy schedule!


A Filipino streamer in EU servers, Calad lives to tell the tale of who Filipinos are among foreign players. He might be playing in a different server but helps his viewers see what other servers are like. Aside from being a streamer, he’s also a professional player for Overwatch. So there’s no doubt how skilled he is in the games he play. Calad is truly a top tier talent worth noticing!


She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s Pacific Pink’s femme fatale, KJ! She’s one of the female top players in Dota 2 in the country. Not to mention, their team, Pacific Pink, is one of the all-female Dota 2 teams. Not only in the country but in the whole Southeast Asia. If you’re looking for new Dota 2 streamers, then you should check KJ out. Her astounding skills and talent would surely knock you off your seats.


A diamond in the rough, this Rumble Royale streamer takes the title of “Sniper ng Barangay”! No kidding, Nayskatol is one underrated streamer. However, his FPS skills surpasses his popularity among his peers. Aside from being mechanically skilled with sniper eyes, he’s a funny guy that won’t let you down as well. Take a quick peek in his streams and you might just find him better than you expect him to be.


Another hidden gem within the local Apex Legends community, Vyminal thrives with grace under pressure. Playing it all out in a battle royale, despite the tension and pressure, never does he wavers. His streams feature his and his team’s skills and boy, do they kick ass. In case you haven’t seen him yet, then you better do. Because you don’t know what you’re missing out from the man, Vyminal himself.


A girl wonder breaking bones in Rainbow Six Siege is none other than Unniechan! She flies under the radar since she just started streaming. But despite that, people still watch her play to see her sick moves.

So you might as well check her out because this gal ain’t just playing around. She does live up to the motto “shoot to kill”.

And that’s it, folks! That’s our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers to watch out for. Have fun over the weekend watching them play and playing with them too! Gaming isn’t as entertaining and fun without them, y’know!

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