Comeback is real?

Following news that OG’s JerAx is retiring from Dota 2 after 7 years, it looks like Valve has a final surprise for the veteran player after buffing his favorite hero, Earth Spirit, only a few hours after his announcement.

In the 7.24 patch, Earth Spirit’s Stone Remnant cooldown was reduced from 30 to 25. In addition, his Level 20 Talent changed from +150 Gold/Min to +3.5s Geomagnetic Grip Silence. See the full update here.

And as expected, JerAx took it to Twitter say his thoughts–even joking about taking back his decision.

Seeing this moment, it takes us back to JerAx’s amazing plays when using Earth Spirit. And although we’re wishing he could still change his mind, obviously it’s just a joke. According to JerAx, the reason for his withdrawal is due to his lost passion and will for the game.

“Living in this culture has hit me hard. Thinking about the yearly “grind” makes me feel apathetic, exhausted, and almost numb,” he continued. “My passion for the game was there, but I was at times lying to myself that everything was alright. It really wasn’t, I was trying to be something other to who I am.”

Despite the sad news, it looks like we’ll still be seeing JerAx but less behind the screen as he will still be a member of OG.

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