Bored at work or just looking for something which could distract you from the stress? This li’l desktop goose just might be the guy for you!

He roams your screen and runs after your mouse pointer. Also, he tracks mud on your workspace and brings out random goose memes or texts for you to look at. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Desktop Goose. Created by young developer Sam Chiet, the desktop goose is a little adorable guy who – after being downloaded and unzipped – walks on your screen and does all these ~cute~ yet chaotic stuff.

For me who has been having the desktop goose as a companion for hours now, he is a small thingy who can take my mind off stressful things. During work, I end up looking at him for some time and just marvel at how he walks unbothered. He is just there, doing his own thang, and somehow he just makes me envy that goose energy he has.

If you are curious enough now and want to look at a glimpse of how the dude works though, check out a video uploaded by the promising developer below.

Moreover, from a boring and blank workspace, it can turn your life upside-down with a mess like this:

Honestly, A+ for the 18-year-old developer’s and his goose’s undeniable humor.

Honk, honk!

If you are familiar with the “Untitled Goose Game“, Sam Chiet confirms that the desktop buddy he made is indeed a tribute to the aforementioned puzzle stealth game by House House. According to his talk with American magazine Wired, he discusses that after being inspired by freeware ’90s desktop managers such as Bonzi Buddy, Prody Parrot and Clippy, he realized that the Goose from the said game is a perfect fit for an interactive Windows desktop design that he wanted to pull off.

As careful kids of the online generation, you may be skeptical about the Desktop Goose’s effect on your computer. However, the developer assures that it could only mess with your mouse and not with any of your files. Also, if it’s another concern of yours, you could always evict the Goose from your screen by holding the ESC button down.

Want to try it out and see for yourself? If yes (which is a good choice, bro), download Sam Chiet’s Desktop Goose by simply clicking here. Enjoy and happy honk honk!

What do you think of the cute yet chaotic desktop goose? Are you looking forward to downloading it on your computer?

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