Your favorite rhythm game on PC has found its way to bring the party to your mobile phones.

Club Audition is now available for Android users, and it’s now available for pre-registration.

Early this year, Parkplay granted players an Early Access to the game to let them test the product and help polish the gameplay experience before its final launch.

While Club Audition was only on Beta, fans were delighted to see most features on the PC version still existing on the mobile one. You are allowed to choose a variety of game modes, and customize your avatars.

Of course, there are the epic dance battles that we’ve grown to love, and even though the song selection was still limited at that time, it should be noted that the game was still in a major development, so we could expect some big changes.

The time has come!


Club Audition has finally arrived on mobile devices. You can now party to popular hit songs and join the most awesome, real-time dance showdowns with your fam using the avatar you designed. 

This game is also the perfect place for you to unleash your inner fashionista (it’s still hard to show off our OOTD’s, given the pandemic and everything). You can dress up as your favorite K-pop star, a beach hunk, a sexy goth vampire, anything you can think of!

If you’re a little bit on the naughty side, you may also use the game to fulfill your love fantasies. The interaction element lets you flirt, build a virtual relationship with someone, and even take things to the extreme and get married. 

There are a variety of real-time dance battles: the ‘Dance Battle‘ allows up to 6 players to compete and aim for the highest score; the ‘Club Dance‘ or the 2v2 special mode; the ‘Battle Party‘ where 4 Players go up against an NPC (a nonplayer character). If you’re just aiming to be the best Audition player, you can choose the Classic mode.

Club Audition Mobile is now available for Android users, and you can pre-register here.

Have you played Club Audition on PC before? What do you expect from the mobile version?

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