Reddit user _n0cturnal proudly announced his game under development in which players get to kill coronavirus.

And he’s a 14-year-old Filipino student!

A quarantine-inspired game

I’m a 14-year-old Pinoy game developer, and I’m making a game about killing the coronavirus from r/Philippines

“I’m a 14-year-old solo game developer, and since everybody is in quarantine because of the coronavirus, I’m making a game about killing the virus”

It’s a dash-and-shoot game with 2D graphics. Deadly parasites are all over the place and players should kill them by controlling a gun-equipped character. Once hit with the bullet, the virus will explode into tiny pieces before vanishing.

According to the young developer, tools he’d used are the following: Unity for engine, Visual Studio for code editing, Aseprite for the graphics, and BFXR for the sound effects. Overall, the mechanics is simple, but the visuals– especially the movements– are quite stunning especially when you consider the fact that this was made by a young teenage boy.

Check out the comments

Source: Reddit

While the owner of the content earned praises for the game’s simplistic-yet-cool features, the comment section became a bittersweet trip down the memory lane, with people hilariously relaying their “Sana all” frustrations over not having achieved as much at fourteen. We, too, couldn’t help but go, “Sana all” because while this smart kid has been using his quarantine time to pursue something meaningful, here we are locked inside our rooms laughing at memes.

We have yet to see the finished-product, but we can’t wait to see how this development is gonna turn out.

What are your proud achievements when you were fourteen?

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