Can you guess 2020’s most downloaded mobile game?

Can you guess what was 2020's most downloaded game

Any “sus” for the most downloaded mobile video game the previous year?

Nope, it’s not PUBG. It’s not Roblox, either, despite these two retaining their spot in the top 10 highest-grossing titles of the year. We kind of gave the answer away in the opening line: it’s the online multiplayer deduction game, Among Us, that got more downloads than any other game in 2020.

Developed by indie game studio InnerSloth, Among Us is a murder-mystery space adventure where a group of crewmates must finish a set of tasks together while voting out the “Impostor” whose role is to sabotage and murder them. The game was released for various platforms in 2018, but it saw a surge in popularity only in 2020 thanks to Twitch streamers like Disguised Toast (a.k.a the best Among Us player right now), and players from all over the world catching the hype train.

Whether you’re playing or watching others play it, the unpredictability of outcomes and the tension between each player makes the game a surefire source of entertainment. Because of its simple-yet-nerve-wracking gameplay, Among Us was even crowned the most stress-inducing game of the year.

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App analyst apptopia reports that Among Us was downloaded 41 million times in the US alone last year, and 264 million times globally. Subway Surfers, another mobile classic, comes in second at 227 million, followed by Garena Free Fire and PUBG at 218M and 174M, respectively.

Source: apptopia

Due to the game’s massive success, the developers have come up with various expansion plans, such as the creation of a sequel that was later scrapped because they decided to just focus on expanding the original game. The game is currently available on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows and can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

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