If you’ve been following the local streaming industry, you are most probably very familiar with names like Choox, Dogie and Alodia.

But let’s all take the spotlight away from these big names for a moment, and give it to a very promising rookie in the gaming department, who’s starting to get recognized for his unique take on live streaming.

Albert Nicolas– a.k.a. Asian Cutie– we expect our readers to recognize the name, as well. Hailed as “Kilabot ng Netizens”, he achieved internet fame for being too much of everything– too funny, too hot, too talented. But not until recently when his 811k followers have been given the privilege to witness another one of his many talents.

A week ago, he welcomed the world to an extravaganza that is his gaming skills. He went live on his Facebook page playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He used a hero named Nana– a cute little fairy, an obvious pick from Asian Cutie himself, and helped his team fight their way to a victorious finish.


But that live stream only served as an entrance performance– fans had no idea what was to come. And what came next took everyone by storm.

Asian Cutie wordscaping


Asian Cutie flaunting his strategic skills


Asian cutie and his birds

Courtesy of Albert Nicolas Facebook Page

Asian Cutie slashin’ and smashin!


Asian Cutie, an intellectual


Albert venturing into the gaming world proves once again that there’s anything this man cannot do. Before you walk off feeling a newfound sense of amazement toward the man, you may wanna check out another one of jaw-dropping abilities: “live steaming.”

What game would you like our Asian Cutie to play next time?

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